Bitchy Blonde Girlfriend

Being nice is so overrated! Being a bitch gets things done in a much more timely manner. I like things done my way or no way at all. With a body like mine, I can get away with it too. You couldn’t possibly turn down this tight, wet pussy or my nice, round ass. Especially if you’ve already had a taste! My sharp tongue is a small price to pay to have me on your arm. Spend five minutes with me and I will have you crawling back to me on your knees, begging me to be your bitchy blonde girlfriend. You might even put a ring on my finger! If you can’t handle my attitude, then you are just a pussy anyway!

Dominant Females Are Sexy

If I am being honest, female-led relationships are the only kind of relationships that can get me excited. It is so common for the man to make the rules in a dom and sub relationship, and for the woman to follow those rules. Fuck that! I wouldn’t say that I will be “wearing the pants” in the relationship, only because I prefer short skirts and thigh high stockings! To be perfectly clear, I will still be the dominant and I will hold the reins!

Dominating and Cuckolding My Boyfriend

My desire to be dominant started with my boyfriend back in high school. From the moment we got together, my boyfriend would do absolutely anything for me! But he was so sappy and pathetic, I couldn’t help but tease him for it. I would make fun of him every chance I got. His friends would laugh with me and my girlfriends would join in on the insults. He never stood up to me because he was afraid of me breaking up with him. I even fucked his older brother while he was in the next room! He cried all night long but that bitch boy would never leave his hot, bitchy blonde girlfriend. I had him so pussy-whipped it was ridiculous.

Eventually, I grew tired of him though. The day I left him, he was so sad and pathetic. He was literally on his knees, holding me and begging me not to go. Can you believe it? This guy really wanted me to stay around and bitch at him more? He didn’t have any more brothers for me to fuck and I had used up basically every insult that could fit him. I will admit that part of me wanted to pity him. The other part of me however realized that it was just too easy to dominate him and I like a little bit of a challenge.

Ditch the Boring and Get Kinky With Me!

What I want is to take a man that is in an egalitarian relationship or even a strong male-led relationship, and turn him into my bitch. I know that I can do it. Plenty of men have cheated on their happy relationships for me. Most of them just crave a woman to take charge and do something different for a while. I’ll be the best bitchy blonde girlfriend anyone has ever seen! Humiliation? Easy. Degradation? Easy. Feminization? Here are your panties! The only thing you need to do to satisfy your bitchy blonde girlfriend is… everything I want! Duhhhh!

Having a bitchy girlfriend in real life can wear you out. However, the role-play is so much fun and will leave your balls drained! Call me for the most exciting GFE Phone Sex you’ll ever have! I’m ready to be a nasty bitch for you!