You can’t believe what she just said.

Oh, finally, it was your turn. You felt your dick twitch just from her saying it. She moves from beneath you and stands at the end of the bed. You start to straighten up as well, but she commands you to stay still. What did mistress have in store for you this time? A hard fucking? More panties? A forced prostate milking? Or maybe she just wanted to have some nice, vanilla sex. God, you hoped so.

Your wife gently massages lotion on your ass, rubbing a soothing cool over the stinging skin. Her slick fingers find their way to your hole, and she easily pushes 2 of them into you. Your half-hearted protests go unheeded. She knows you love this.

“Shhh, relax.” is enough to get you compliant again. One of her hands is rubbing up and down your legs, massaging your shaky thighs and your calves, up to your asscheek to rub it gently. Her other hand is busy pumping two fingers inside you over and over at a slow pace. It feels so good you can’t object; you find yourself sinking into the bed while your hard cock pushes against the covers. 

Her massage felt so amazing.

“You’re gonna cum just like this with a nice forced prostate milking…” She whispers to herself. But you hear it anyway. 

“No…” you find yourself whining rather pathetically. “I want to cum inside you… like we used to do.” 

Her fingers pause in you for a moment, her other hand leaving your leg. Soon, she places your phone down by your head with a five-minute timer already up on the screen. 

“Fine,” she replies. She lifts your hips and forces you face down ass up on the bed, embarrassingly exposing you to her. “If you can resist cumming for five minutes, I will let you fuck me and cum anywhere you want.”

You felt confident in this; her fingers felt good, but not that good. You would easily be able to stand only five minutes of whatever she had planned for you. 

Her delicate finger pressed start on the timer, and then you waited with anticipation. You couldn’t see what she was doing, but she wasn’t touching you. 30 Seconds passed with absolutely nothing happening. You started to doubt yourself.

Could you really withstand forced prostate milking?

Suddenly, her fingers pushed into you fast and deep, and she didn’t hold back. You could barely keep your eyes on the timer as she ruthlessly attacked your prostate with her fingers over and over again. You felt heat in your hips, and your thighs started to tighten up, then shake. 

Oh fuck, you were about to cum already?

It’s definitely different from cumming with your cock… you felt like your ass was going to cum!

Mouth hanging open from the moans, you reach for the timer and see it’s only two minutes down. 

You can’t help it; you give in. Your body tightens, shakes, and you feel a release. Your cock begins to leak without even being touched.

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