Little did you know, this would lead to you becoming a pathetic, dripping, anal hook sissy.

“M-Mistress…” You say. She stops and turns towards you with an expectant look.  You look down to the ground, catching sight of your hard, aching cock as it pulses. You want to cum so badly.

“C-can I… Serve you?” you find yourself asking that instead. Maybe her idea of service was using your cock, you thought. Perhaps she would realize how horny she was and demand that you lay on the bed while she rides you. Instead, her eyebrow arches, and she takes a long glance up and down your body. Why do you feel like you’re being seen for the first time… by your wife? 

“Under one condition.” 

She leads you with confident steps to the bedroom. Not sure when she changed, but you feel as though you’re seeing the extent of that transformation for the first time. She snatches something from the top of the dresser and lays on the bed. Her legs spread out wide. She looks delicious. Your eyes zero in on her pussy which is pink and puffy with beautifully wet lips already. You start to walk towards her from the door.

“No!” She demands. You freeze in your tracks. “Crawl.”

What? She wanted you to crawl? Like some desperate animal… fuck. But she looks so amazing, and your cock is hard, twitching and dripping pathetically. Like a good anal hook sissy, you bite your lip and lower yourself to your hands and knees, crawling towards her. When you get to the bed, you crawl up onto it, closer and closer. She grabs your hips and leads you towards her spread legs… your cock is so close.

Then you feel something cold on your ass. 

You turn your head, startled, and see a mean-looking metal hook. Large. With a smooth bulbous head at the shorter end and the longer end attached to a chain leash. The leather handle is wrapped around her hand. You hesitate….

“Babe-” You start, a quick slap to your ass corrects your mistake rather quickly.

“You want to serve me, bitch?” she grabs your face with her hand and presses the wet, cold end of the hook into you. You gasp and jump as it enters you, making you feel so full and so fucking good. “Then you’re going to be my fucking anal hook sissy… If you want it out… then well, you get nothing.” She starts to slowly pull out the hook, and you object as you feel that thick head stretching your used hole. 

With no further words, she grabs the back of your head with her hand and leads your face down to her wet cunt. You lick with a vigor you never have before, burying your face as deep as you can. Using your mouth to lick, suck, and slurp every inch of her pussy. She pulls the leash, getting that toy all the way inside you and making your legs shake, your back arch. You moan loudly against her pussy as that hook hits something inside of you. 

“Don’t you dare fucking stop.”

She demands, pulling that hook tighter, forcing your face further between her legs. “Of course… being an anal hook sissy and edging you for weeks is what it takes for you to eat pussy like a real man.”

When she cums on your face for the third time, her cunt quivering as you lap up the last of the juices, she sighs contentedly. 

“Ok, honey…” she says, she gingerly removes the hook from your ass, and you feel pathetically empty. “It’s your turn. You want to cum, right?”

So much naughty thrill. Halfway through writing, I had to masturbate with my dildo just so I could concentrate enough to finish!  Want to see where this series started? Check out Sissy Transformation Fantasy pt 1. Want a sneak peek of where this series is headed? Give me a call for some personalized sissy training phone sex!

Until next time, kinksters~

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