Forced intoxication always had me curious just how far I could push it and let my kinkiness take over with my young next door neighbor.

Forced intoxication of my young next-door neighbor let the devious MILF side of me take over and get exactly what I wanted. I’d had my eye on him for years, watching him grow up from a boy into a teenager. He had that curly blond hair and the most beautiful green eyes, the perfect young body that I craved to explore. It’s hard to admit when you are attracted to teenagers, but that moment I saw him out washing his dads car shirtless, I knew I had to do something and have that young piece of meat one way or another.

With my hot body its so easy to lure boys like him in. They are so curious at that age and would love to tell all their friends that they got lucky and got some hot pussy from the hot MILF next door. I invited him into the house telling him I needed some help. But things didn’t go quite as I planned with the inexperienced virgin. He wanted to leave once I started flirting and touching him so he gave me no choice but to do forced intoxication on him.

I gave him some pop laced with some pills and liquor.

It didn’t take much for him to be half passed out on the couch.  That’s when that evil lady inside of me took over. I stripped him down and explored his body. He started to moan as I stroked his young cock. Taking it in my mouth just like a sweet lollipop I’d been craving for so long. I just couldn’t stop myself from there, I wanted more. I stripped out of my own clothes, turned on the video recorder, leaned over and kissed him, and whispered in his ear, ‘I’m going to fuck you so good!’.  Read my other kinky sex stories on my page!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke