Force Is A Way To Make Someone Do Something Against Their Will

Forced Feminization is a way to make Mistress Rose get wet between her legs. It seems forcing a man into submission is one of the latest, greatest kinks for horny guys. Rose is so excited about how many Sissies I have talked to since joining Phone Sex Kingdom.

You girlie boi pussy holes are all so sexy and fun to play with. I just got off the phone with Philip. I am in the midst of – – – – FORCING HIM TO THE GLORY HOLE – – – – no no that’s not right. I’m – – – – FORCING HER TO THE GLORY HOLE – – – – during humiliation phone sex.

She’ll dress in white stockings, a garter, and a very short mini skirt. She’ll take her coat off as soon as she walks into the store. Greet everyone in the store and the cashier with the most feminine voice she can muster and then head to the back where the true fun will begin.

She’ll swallow at least three loads of cum from above average sized cocks before she can leave. Then she’ll call me back and tell me all about it while I punish her for being such a dirty slut. “Every time I leave there I have cum on my face and hair and the guy at front smiles and tells me to cum back soon. I feel so dirty and used Mistress.” Forced feminization is a dirty sport.

Cumdumpster Slut Phylicia Did Just As I Told Her To

And then called me with these pitiful questions… “Am I being too nasty a cumslut Mistress? Do you think I’m just a nasty cumdumpster slut? Am I making you proud of what you’ve turned me into?”

I got 6 Mistress Rose. I had one big black guy come in the booth He wanted to see my garter belt and stockings. He fucked my face hard. Then he told me to bend over. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and another cock came through the hole I was fucking and sucking.

Then the one I was blowing came and then the black guy pulled out and pushed me on my knees and stuffed his cock back in my mouth and came before I had a chance to swallow the first load. Oh my god. Sooo much cum in my mouth. And I swallowed it all for you Mistress during fetish phone sex.

Another day, another force to be reckoned with. Mistress Rose once again Forces Her To the Glory Hole. “How many cocks does my Mistress Wish me to suck today when I go to the glory hole as you have instructed?”

Forced Feminization Is Something Mistress Rose Does With Enthusiasm

Forced Feminization made her confess. “It was cock after cock Mistress. I could hear them outside my door waiting to get their turn. I feel so used. I’m covered in cum down my front. As I was leaving a guy I believe was the owner told me to go to the back room and wait for him. He came in 5 minutes later and said I was getting quite the rep.

He undid his zipper and told me to take his cock out. I blew him and he wanted to cum in my face so I tilted my head back with my mouth open and he jerked a huge load in my mouth. On my face all down the front of me, cum eating all the time.

Then he told me to clean his cock off and then he told me to come back tomorrow for more of the same. He told me he’s seen some cock sluts before but I take the cake. Does that please my mistress? Does that make you happy Miss Rose? Have I earned that? Can I feel proud of how hard I’ve worked today? I want so to please you, Miss Rose. I will call you each and every day until I prove that I am a useless pimple.”

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