Forced Family Fun Part 2

Need the hot steamy details as to how this all happened, but you just missed Forced Family Fun Part 1?  Well, catch up here you dirty little perv!

Uncle Dick ripped them apart and got between them as he undid his pants. Lauren struggled to get away but I held her down and told her to knock it off. He pulled his pants down and I saw he was already hard. He shoved a finger in her pussy and she cried out in pain. “You know it’ll hurt a lot less if you’re wet,” I told her but I don’t know if she was listening to me. She was making little whimpering noises as Uncle Dick pumped his finger in and out of her. “Work her clit.” I told him and he began rubbing it at the same time he used another finger to fuck her. Lauren settled down a bit and he told me I was a genius.

After a while, she let out a soft little moan and got a look of pure shame on her face. I loved it. He gave her a bit more attention then stopped and pulled her hips up, lining himself up. She said “No, don’t. Please stop.” as he pushed into her. She cried out loud as he started thrusting in and out of her. “Shit, she’s fucking tight.” he moaned as he rammed into her harder. She started crying and he kept going. After a few minutes he groaned and she scrunched her face up as he came inside her.

I let her go as he got off her. He left and I sat beside Lauren who was crying on the couch “Oh come on, it’s not like you haven’t fucked a ton of guys already.” I don’t think it helped her feel better.

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