How I Forced Cum Eating On Skype

When it comes to the arena of erotic pleasure, I like to get what I want. While I’m flexible with partners in physical circumstances, I’m unstoppable and insatiable in digital experiences. I’m going to make you do things that I like, like forced cum eating. When I watch you on Skype, you will do exactly what I want. Even if it’s something different or unconventional. I have a way of making guys do things that they never thought they would do.

Because I’ve been blessed with a god-gifted body, I can make guys stiff through the cam in just a few seconds. However, for me, sometimes just seeing them stroke their cocks doesn’t cut it. I am always looking for new avenues to explore. Some of my favorite activities are making guys put on cock rings or use butt plugs. Watching their inexperienced bodies writhe with the new sensations just gets my juices flowing immediately. Obviously, I’m not vanilla by any means. I want them to try out new things because I like seeing how far I can push them. Besides, I always want to make every call an unforgettable mutual masturbation experience.

 I love making men do whatever I want.

All this new exploring culminated in a Skype session that ended in forced cum eating. Sound weird? Well, it was downright sexy.

It all started on a regular Skype session. I began by getting to know him a bit, critiquing his body and his semi-hard cock and he began to make it a conversation. Of course, his side of the conversation was enhanced as he started stroking his cock. He told me he wanted me to suck his cock and how he’s like to bend me over and fuck me. For now, I let him have his fun before I took all control away from him.

Watching him really turned me on. I told him how wet I was and described how I was playing with my hard clit and dipping my fingers into my wet pussy. Telling him this made me even wetter.

Will you do what you are told?

Next, I asked him if he wanted my perfect wet pussy.

He gulped once and nodded, “Yes, Ma’am. I will do anything you say.”

I smiled, he finally understood.

“Stroke that cock faster,” I commanded. “Now!”

He immediately began stroking his cock faster and harder, thrusting it at an immense pace.

“Won’t you join in?” he asked after a minute.

“Shut up,” I hissed. “Do as you’re told or you’ll get nothing.”

He gulped and masturbated with increased speed. Watching him was hot as I waiting for him to come close to climaxing.

“I’m about to cum!” he declared with a shout.

“Cum, big boy,” I cooed, “cum and I’ll tell you what to do with your sweet, thick cum.”

I kept goading him on with coos and hisses, stroking my pussy a bit quicker and deeper so he could hear it.

He had no idea I had forced cum eating on my mind. 

Finally, he erupted into his hand. Panting, he showed me his hand dripping in thick, creamy cum. He looked proud of himself and stared at me with expectation.

“This is for you, baby,” he said finally. He stretched out his arm to show me his hand full of cum.

“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow, “then eat it for me.”

“What?” he asked deadpan.

“Eat it for me,” I replied with ease. “Show me you are a man and eat it!”

“Now wait a minute…” he began protesting with his hand still covered in gooey cum.

“Do it. You need to finish the job and do as I say!” I shot him down, still playing with my wet pink pussy.

 In an instant, he was lapping up his cum and rolling it around in his mouth.

It was such an erotic forced cum eating experience. I was nowhere near cumming, but as soon as he obeyed my command my juices flowed in a second. I came so hard that day. My couch and floor were covered in all my juices!

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