Unforgettable Mutual Masturbation.  Stroke it for me. I wanna hear you cum while I play with my pussy. Mutual masturbation has always turned me on, but this time, I almost came too quick. This is the reason I love phone sex so much. I get paid to masturbate.  I bet that just made you a little jealous. It is the main reason I became a phone sex girl. To cum for money. I guess that makes me more of a whore than I realized.
“Hey baby, you ready to cum for me? my caller asked.
“I’m so horny right now, how about you take that dick out for me and stroke it?” I asked, knowing he was already stroking.


Unforgettable Mutual Masturbation: Sometimes I just lay with my pussy and the caller doesn’t know it.

I could hear his hand pumping his meat for me. I’ve learned to recognize the sound of a man jacking off while I listen. He wanted a little mutual masturbation, and I was in the mood to scream for him. Some men have the perfect voice to make me wet, and this one, his sexy Southern drawl had my fingers rubbing over my white silk panties. I love a man with an accent, and he didn’t disappoint me at all.
Usually, I take my calls laying in bed, or if I’m feeling especially adventurous, on the patio. I have a chaise lounge that reclines. If the neighbor is home, that makes me louder. I feel like he’s seen me masturbate more times than I care to admit. Today, I chose the bed but tossed in a twist. I left the windows open and anyone who peeked in would have a bird’s-eye view. I love to be watched while I am masturbating.
“Slide your hand in those panties.  Tell me how wet you are. Do it now,” his voice demanded.
My hand now in my panties, our moans sent through the telephone lines. God, this is hot. Sharing something so intimate with a stranger. That is what phone sex is though. Getting off and hanging up. No need to care, or even worry about the other person. Make them cum and send them home. I love it. Isn’t this what they call sexual empowerment? I know it is for me.


Unforgettable Mutual Masturbation: I forgot to tell him I squirt.

Breathing deep, my fingers parted my wet lips, pushing a finger inside of my particularly sweet honey spot. My walls tight, I needed two fingers. I love being stuffed full. One of my favorite things to do is to finger fuck my tight pussy. I told him to cup his balls while he stroked his cock.  He told me he was at a rest stop.  Wow, so dirty. My caller was jacking off while strangers walked by. I wonder if any of them had seen his hand moving up and down. I know if I had, I would have stayed and watched the entire show. I am a nosy woman and seeing a man cum always turns me on. From the look on their face to the way the cum bubbles from the head, I love watching.
We both moaned on the phone. He loves when I put the phone down to my wet pussy. Something about knowing he made me that wet gets him going harder. Just like I love to hear him pumping his hand. Make sure you have lots of lube. That wet slippery sound makes me tingle in all the right places. I knew when I came that I would soak the bed, but who cares? I am more than willing to wash the sheets to scream on the phone for a sexy man. His voice was driving me wild.


Unforgettable Mutual Masturbation: I love multiple orgasms.

“Darlin, fuck that little peach. Let me hear how ripe you are for Daddy.”
I couldn’t hold back. I had to come.  Next, he made me call him Daddy, and that is my trigger word. Screaming as I was cumming, a third finger went inside of my walls, stretching me open and allowing all the juices to flow. In turn, he came along with me. I knew he was close because he started cussing in a low tone. Calling me a whore and jacking his dick off in some intense mutual masturbation.
God damn, that was good. I haven’t come that hard in a long time. If you want some mutual masturbation, then give me a call. I’m ready to get off with you.


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