Another long day at work, will it ever end? Luckily for me, my husband is coming in during lunch to take me out somewhere nice. I’m shaking. I’m so excited to go out with him. It’ll definitely be a good change of pace for this boring day. Recently, I’ve told my husband about a fantasy of mine; wanting to have some hot cheating fun. I would never go through with it, but the fantasy is fun. Though, it made me find out he is not into forced cuckold humiliation.

He’ll change his mind about forced cuckold humiliation soon!

Soon, my husband arrives and comes up into my office, giving me a big kiss. Excited to go out together as well. Before we know it, my boss is leaning against the door to my office. Clearing his throat, he looks over at my husband, “And who is this, Mia” he asks, oddly stern. “Oh, I’m so sorry! This is my husband, James.” With that, James extends his hand out, but my boss ignored him. “Why is he here?” I quickly reply, “He just wanted to take me out for lunch, is all; I’ll be back in time to work!”

The look on his face is worrisome; he does not look happy at all. “Don’t bother coming back from your lunch; you’re fired” Mine and my husband’s jaws dropped. “Huh!? What do you mean? What did I do? Just because my husband came in? Your secretary let him in!” I’m practically yelling at this point, hoping he didn’t find out about the money. In response, he throws down a stack of papers on my desk, filled with images of screenshots and text about what happened. In his mind, “I’m going to punish her with her dumbass husband, through forced cuckold humiliation.”

The panic on my face is obvious; I’ve been caught!

Before anything else, I let out a quiet “Fuck”. Knowing that I’m about to lose my job. “You’ve been transferring money from our profits straight into your account. Did you think it would go unnoticed, Mia” He yells at me, coming closer. “Pack your shit up and get out.”  James is silent, not knowing what to do. He was the one to convince her to do it after all. “Please, I need this job. My husband doesn’t make enough!” I plead my case the best I can. “So, you thought you could just steal extra money from us to help your already privileged life? No, get out.”

Suddenly my hands are gripping his suit, and I fall to my knees in front of him. “I’ll do anything to keep this job. We’ll lose everything if not!” With that statement, he grips the back of my hair tight, making me look up at him. “Anything at all?” He asks with a cocky grin on his face. Before I even have time to respond, he’s undoing his pants and pushing them down. The bulge peering through his boxers is absolutely huge! James begins to protest, but I shoot him an angry look. “We are in this situation because of you. Shut up.” Then, I look up at my boss and take his cock out, stroking on it and making it grow more, starting my hot cheating, fun fantasy.

The taste, the shape, and the size are much better. This forced cuckold humiliation isn’t so bad!

As soon as my mouth wraps around his cock, I get eager. It tastes so much better than my husband’s. The size is wonderful; I can’t wait to feel it in me. He senses this and looks overseeing the look of defeat on James’ face. “He looks so sad. Take your panties off and gag him with them.” The look of shock on both of our faces shows how well his forced cuckold humiliation is going. So, I head over to James, and I take my panties off, shoving them in his mouth. I’m ordered to put lipstick on him too. He looks incredibly pitiful.

Before I know it, my boss grabs me by my hair and throws me over the desk. Starting off spanking me and seeing how much it turned me on. Soon, his cock was pressed up against my pussy, and he fucked me hard! “You’re now my new Naughty Torture Toy.

Mia Kinky Crew

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