Forced Cuckold-My husband would pay for hurting me!

I walked into the blues club. My mind was in a fog and I felt numb. I just wanted to get lost in the music. As I sat at the bar listening and drowning my feelings in the rhythm a man sat down next to me. He tried to engage me in small talk. I gave a half-hearted smile but was not really interested in what he had to say.

After some time he said, oh I am sorry, I did not notice your ring. He stood up to walk away. I reached out and touched his arm. I looked up sadly and asked him to stay. He sat down and started telling me he had no interest in breaking up a marriage or getting entangled in something bad.

He has to be completely broken!

I knew what I had to do and I made up my mind at that moment to do it. Looking him straight in the eye and with a serious face, I asked, will you fuck me? I explained, my husband has hurt me beyond any redemption. However, before I can leave him I want him to feel completely broken and lost. The absolute one thing he is positive about is that my body is his and I want to take that away from him. I want him to watch as I do it!

He agreed to do it and later that night I gave myself to this handsome stranger and I forced my husband to watch me give away the one thing that he took so much pride in owning.

My stranger played his part to perfection he was an amazing lover and was relentless in commanding me and playing my body like it was an instrument. My husband, I admit I had to blackmail to sit there and watch. He watched even though it devastated him. I could not have hurt him more if I had tied up all his holdings in a lengthy court case. The hurt he felt could never match the torment he was putting me through. I was cold and distant toward him. At this point, I was numb to him and every moment that I gave myself to the stranger led me further away from my husband’s entanglement.

His fingertips brushed lightly over my clit!

We took our time and he touched me slowly and softly. He manipulated my nerve endings causing me to yearn for his touch. I never knew how sensitive my nipples were until his tongue barely touched them and it felt like a shock wave crashing through me.

When his fingertips brushed lightly over my clit I almost cum.  He was driving me crazy with every stroke of his tongue, his breath, his fingers. I knew he was an artist and he was playing me beautifully.

He completely tuned out my husband and just focused on giving me orgasm after orgasm. After he had made me cum so many times that I finally squirted so hard is when he gave me what I had been begging for. His massive cock was what I wanted more than air to breathe at that moment.

We crashed together in a magnificent explosion!

He lifted my legs to rest over his shoulders and leaned against me. His cock split my pussy lips apart and pushed into my opening. Stretching my pussy his dick thrusting over and over drove me over the edge and I finally crashed at the same time I felt his hot wet cum fill my pussy up!

After some time, I rose up and with his smell still clinging to my skin I walked up to my husband and told him I wanted a divorce.

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