Cuckold Anal, he watched As I Gave My Ass To Another Man!


My husband had always begged since we dated fuck my ass. I always refused.  I was after all very turned on by the idea of being butt fucked. It. was something I knew I could keep from him. So I did!

It does not mean I don’t love my hubby but I just needed something I could keep from him. Something of my own that I could have complete say over. I knew I would eventually give it to him.

So I made up my mind for our twentieth wedding anniversary I would surprise him with Anal lube and weekend tickets to a special little getaway cabin we used for our honeymoon.

Our anniversary was on Wednesday and he gave me a beautiful necklace and I gave him a gift wrap box inside was the anal lube and a postcard with our cabin address on it.

Our marriage was new all over again!

He looked at me shocked and with realization, the smile on his face could not have gotten bigger! We finished dinner talking about the weekend ahead. We would be like honeymooners never leaving our cabin!

I felt like our marriage had a breath of fresh air again. He left for work on Friday morning as usual but planning to be home midday for our trip.

I spent the morning preparing for the trip when the doorbell rang. It was a messenger with a brown unmarked envelope. Inside I found pictures of my husband having sex with his secretary. I sat down on the couch just staring at the photos in shock.

I called my trainer at the gym and I was very blunt. He and I had flirted for years but I had always refused him. Today I told him what happened and asked him if he would like to fuck my ass while my husband watched? He agreed, just as I thought he would.

So I waited until we arrived at the cabin before showing the photos to my hubby. He tried to tell me it was only the one time but I would hear no excuses. I invited my trainer inside. My husband had been jealous of him for years but I had always remained faithful.

Don’t seduce me, ravage me!

Today you will watch as this man gets what you have wanted and then we will put everything behind us. If you cannot do that then you and I are done. I waited for his response. He did not like it but he was not ready to end our marriage.

My husband pulled up a chair and poured himself a drink. He watched as I dropped to my knees and sucked the trainer until he was hard then I told him to ravage me and he did. There was no sensual seduction. He twisted me into positions I never dreamed I could manage. After fucking my pussy so hard and making me cum over and over he eased his cock into my virgin ass and made me moan.

As he rocked my ass pumping his big dick deep inside me I looked deeply into my husband’s eyes so he could see my pleasure.

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