Forced Cocksucking: A Wild Night Out With The Girls
I have a great story for you about forced cocksucking.  I get told some really funny sex stories. The one that I happened at the bar last night was better than any I have ever been told. It has a lot of forced cocksucking shockers, and even some first-time facial action.  My hot and sexy girlfriends and I had a wild night out. If you like a woman who overshares some crazy details, I am the perfect phone sex whore for you.
Five hot girls at a bar can’t be safe for the male population. Not when we are on our second bottle of tequila. A night out with my sexy girlfriends is always a great time. All being very competitive, the more we drank, the more shit we talked. Did I mention that all my girls are hot? We make girls gone wild seem like dogs gone wild. We were all dressed to the nines in short dresses and high stilettos. One of my sexy girlfriends decided to dare the rest of us to get a guy to suck some cock. Of course, we all accepted the challenge. With a 100 dollar buy-in, there was five hundred bucks on the table in seconds. Whoever got a guy to suck a cock first won the kitty. This is going to be a very hot addition to my collection of First Time Sex Stories

Forced Cocksucking: Kneeling between the urinals, He Sucked That Big Cock While I Watched

I was on a mission, I was definitely going to get a guy to suck a dick for me. I didn’t care what it would take. I was going to have to promise the guy I would let him fuck me afterward. Of course, that part wasn’t going to happen, lol. Spotting my target at the bar, I went for it. The man was about 40, balding, and looked like he would do anything for some female attention. I pushed my tits into his back as I ordered a drink from the bar. I reached around and rested my hand on his thigh, and when he jumped. He didn’t have a chance, I made my move. This was also going into my book of funny sex stories.

I thought to myself how hot it would be to make a man suck a cock for the first time. I told him he would be able to fuck me if he did it for me. After another drink, he followed me to the men’s bathroom to find himself a man. Kneeling between the urinals, he took a nice big juicy cock into his mouth for me while I live streamed live on Facebook. HIS Facebook. All I can say is his cock was hard as he deep throated that cock like champ!
Want to know about the facial? You’ll need to call me for those dirty details. It was so hot!
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