First Time Sex Stories: Young, dumb, and full of cum

If you enjoy first time sex stories, this one will make you cream. Dirty whispers of secret sex get my juices flowing, and your cock throbbing. Do you remember your first time? Something about the loss of innocence always makes for a heightened state of arousal. This story isn’t the usual cherry pop though. Most people don’t have their’s at a glory hole.
Young, dumb, and full of cum, he wanted to experience oral sex for the first time. All his friends had got laid already. That’s when someone suggested a glory hole. Why not. He would get a blow job. According to Bill, that’s not sex, but we all know it is.
He walked in, looking around for anyone who might be the one. It was all guys though. The private booths were in the back. He slipped inside without being seen, dropped his pants, and waited. The moment he got the courage up to push his dick in the hole, he was too late. A large black dick slipped into his booth, shocking the man. What the hell was he going to do now?
His first thought was to run, but then again, it was a really nice cock. Big, black, and already dripping. He gave it a little rub and tug. That wasn’t enough though. The man pounded on the wall till he shut him up, opening his mouth and swallowing his cock. A blow job in the glory hole. First time sex stories are usually about my first time getting laid. Well, not this one. he jacked off while sucking dick. They both came at the same time but he waited before leaving. He didn’t want anyone to see him with cum all over his face.