Forced breeding fantasies of sexy men taking everything they want.

Forced breeding fantasies are more common than you think. Besides, what’s NOT to love about imagining what it would be like to get fucked and impregnated by multiple men, am I right?

At the end of Part 3 of this fantasy impregnation phone sex story, the 3-man crew who’d moved me into my new place had tossed me naked onto my bed. Did you miss the very beginning of this forced gangbang phone sex saga? Click on the bold text to get started!

One man straddled me, his thick fuck rod eagerly sawing up and down my smooth slit.

Afraid but undeniably aroused, I groaned as I tried to push the bullish man off me. Nevertheless, he quickly found his mark, the swollen, bulbous crown catching along the edge of my dripping, tiny entrance. Clearly, all it would take is just one little thrust to start impaling me on his rigid, BARE cock. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have any protection from getting pregnant!  Unable to escape, I dug my fingernails into his muscled chest as he began to slide inside. 

Then he rolled onto his back, taking me with him. Astride him now, I panted and gasped, especially when I felt the second man pressing against my back. “Ohhhhh!” I yelped as the man underneath grasped my hips, pulling me down onto his huge manhood. Tight pussy now filled, I moaned weakly as the other man rubbed his thick shaft along my spine. Indeed, I nearly passed out as my mind spun and my heart raced.

As a result, the heat, the pressure, and the sheer reality of my fucking all began to overwhelm me. 

The two men began fucking me. First, the man underneath lifted my quaking hips up before slamming me back down onto his thrusting member. In the meantime, the man behind me rubbed his slick cock up and down, from between my firm ass cheeks to the small of my back. In their urgency to take me, they gave me no foreplay, no time to adjust. Rather, their pace raced into a hard beat as they took turns thrusting and all I could do is pant and squeak “Oh n-noooo, p-please stopppppp!”

Although I kept pleading for them to let up, I couldn’t hold back my groans of lust. Hard hands possessed my breasts from behind while hot fingers roughly tweaked my tingling nipples. In addition, I looked down to see the glistening shaft emerge as he lifted me up, then yelped again as he forcibly stretched my pussy to take every hard inch. 

Neither man relented in his assault, only intensifying their heavy strokes. Though I fought it, I felt my body shudder and give in to their ruthless, powerful, unending fucking. 

“Noooo, I’m cumming!” I wailed helplessly, jerked like a ragdoll between the two powerful males.

My cunt throbbed, clamping down like a vise around the man’s dick that pounded and pulsated inside me. My own cum oozed down my thighs, along with coating his already sopping cock in a layer of hot cream. 

“And that’s just the beginning, you know.” I gasped for air as I opened my eyes, startled. Joe towered over me from the edge of the bed as I stared at his rigid, large cock that was practically in my face now. “W-what do you m-mean? Ohhh!” I whimpered as the other two men continued grinding, finding all of my most sensitive places. I couldn’t stop moaning as my arousal grew, entire body on fire now. 

“That’s just the beginning of your breeding, of course,” he murmured, stroking my flushed face in his hands. “Oh Angel, don’t look so surprised. After all, you had to know this was coming from the start.” 

“B-breeding!?” I groaned. “What? No! But I didn’t…AHHH!” I gasped. The man behind me had just pinched my nipples hard. More specifically, deliciously hard. I felt my pussy clench hard around the cock still invading me, causing a grunt of approval from the man underneath me.   

“C’mon, yes you did! I saw the way you were looked at me and my boys when you thought we weren’t paying attention. Admit it, Angel,” Joe grinned confidently. “You want us to fuck you. Besides, you were wet and ready before any of us even touched you, and…”

“Your mouth says ‘no,’ but your body is begging to be bred.”

I felt their hands all over me, stroking my sweaty thighs, my heaving tits, and my flat tummy. “W-w-wait, I can’t get ‘bred,” what the fuck are you saying? I-I’m not on the pill. I don’t want to get pregnant!” I protested as my voice quavered, icy fear spilling into the hot waves of pleasure coursing through me.

“Not on the pill? Perfect. Actually, that makes things much easier for us,” Joe said, looking down into my wide eyes as he stroked his turgid dick.

“Soon enough, you’ll see how easy it is to make these forced breeding fantasies a reality,” Joe grinned wickedly.

Overpowered by a growing lust that I couldn’t ignore, much less deny, I couldn’t answer him. The guy beneath lifted my trembling body off his cock while the other man behind bent me forward. No sooner had I felt the drenched phallus grinding against my clit, the other man rapidly thrust himself deep inside my defenseless, unprotected cunt. Immediately they renewed their assault, jerking my helpless body back and forth as I cried out like a cat in heat. 

“Oh please no, fuuuuuck! Put on a condom, I’m begging you! Please!” I screamed desperately, my mouth hanging open as the intensity of a new cock sinking deep inside washed over me, clouding my thoughts and smothering my fear.

“We’ll take ~very~ good care of you, Angel,” I managed to look upward, seeing Joe slowly stroking himself just inches away from my face. “And I’m sure you’ll take good care of us too, won’t you…” he growled hungrily as he stroked his shaft against my cheek before tapping his cockhead against my upturned, parted lips.

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