Forced bisexual party at my house.

Forced bisexual party, what 4 guys should I invite? Wanting 4 guys that have never had a gay sexual experience. Michael’s work would be the best place to find all 4 guys. My choice is Cory, Lennis, Jesse, and Don. Did I mislead these guys to get them here? Yes, of course, I did. Standing there in my black leather outfit holding my paddle with the word bitch etched on it.

I could see the fear in their eyes.

Explaining to them that they were going to be here for my pleasure set their mind at ease. Dumb, dumb, boys. Little did they know that my pleasure was to watch them. Asking for 2 volunteers Don and Lennis were both eager to help. Forcing them to strip naked and put a cage on their cocks, they began to get nervous again. Ordering Cory and Jesse to also get undressed, they did. Taking my paddle I smacked Corey on the ass and told him to sit. Then I did the same to Jesse. The look on Lennis and Dons face told me they knew what was going to happen next.

Assume the position and start sucking.

As they were sucking I told them the rules of my game. Rule #1. You are to blow your guy and not stop until he cums. The object is to be the first one to make your man cum. Rule #2 This is a no spitting zone, you are to swallow his cum. Rule #3 If you don’t make your man cum you will not be released from the cage until the next day after work.

They began sucking like crazy.

Up and down, making those cocks disappear in their mouths. I was getting so turned on. Lennis looked like he has done this before, either that or Chris didn’t care that he was getting his dick sucked at a forced bisexual party. He was rock hard and moaning with pleasure. Don looked like he was having a little bit of a problem. Jesse was definitely not as hard as Corey.

Before I knew it I heard the ecstasy scream.

Lennis had made Corey cum, with a gag and some choking Lennis swallowed most of Corey’s sweet juices. Now comes the good part of the forced bisexual party. Lennis won so I took his cage off. Being the winner he will be the first one to fuck Don in the ass. Making Don keep his cage on I can see his cock start to swell inside the cage.

The uncomfortable look on his face was turning me on.

Not sure if it was from the cage or the cock in his ass but either way I was loving it. It is time for me to make Lennis pull out and have Don finish him off in his mouth while Jesse got a turn with his ass. Dons ass is now full of cum so Corey has no problem sliding his already hard cock in and out. Pounding Don harder and harder, Corey’s dick was covered in shit.

This is not acceptable.

It is time for the clean up of the forced bisexual party. Don needs to suck Corey’s cock and lick all of his shit off of him. He will make sure that there is no shit or cum left on Corey.

Dildo VS. Cock, the cock will always win. Even if just to watch. I am here for your favorite fetish phone sex. Click on my site and read my blogs then give me a call for naughty fun.

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