Forced bi-sexual fun is what our fantasy is.

We both talked for hours, and at this point, you knew all about all my naughty endeavors, including a little bit of forced bi-sexual fun with some of my old boyfriends back in high school. But we both wanted to try something new and even kinkier. We were always trying to find the best new ways to get each other off. After talking for a while, you learned that even though I’m a sophomore in college now, my ways of fucking my teachers haven’t changed. I’m still fucking two of my college professors, including one I just love to tease.

I tell you all about him, and since you love forced bi-sexual fun yourself, your cock also gets rock hard. I love teasing you so much. It’s so hot to know how turned on your cock gets when I tell you how I love to have sex with my teacher in his office after class. How he texts me after every class on Monday morning just begging me to stay late. It’s so much fun to have someone to make the boring Mondays a little bit more fun. You are practically drooling when I finish talking about him.

It definitely turns me on too, but you tell me that you have an even naughtier idea that goes way beyond fucking the college professor.

You tell me that I should have him eat cum out of my pussy, then tell him that if he wants to fuck me again, I should make him go find another cock to suck in front of me. Just hearing you talk so dirty turns me on right away, and suddenly my pussy is a pool of wetness. I would if he would go for that. He didn’t give any hints that he would enjoy forced bi-sexual fun, but I decide that we have to figure it out.

So, class rolls around Monday morning. But before I go to class, I decide to fuck one of my classmates. We have fucked before on campus since he still stays in the dorms. It was just a quicky, but my favorite thing about Ryan is how much cum he shoots inside my pussy, and he never bothers to use a condom, which is perfect for me! By the time the class starts, I’m sitting in the front row with my pussy dripping cum out of it, and you can see a white spot through my white panties. I make sure to spread my legs, so my professor can see how “wet” I am.

It actually did turn me on to sit there and know that he thought I was soaking wet in anticipation about fucking him, but really it was just a load of cum leaking out of my cunt.

About five minutes before class ended, I got a text saying to meet him in his office. He didn’t ask. It was more of a demand, and I smiled to myself.

When I walked into his office, he picked me up and tossed me onto his office desk. He got on top of my body and started making out with me. I could feel his warm breath starting on my ears then going down to my neck. He knew exactly what to do to turn me on, but I wanted to have some forced bi-sexual fun. I pulled him off of me, and I told him to feel my pussy.

His finger dipped into my soaking wet hole, and he smiled. He spread my legs and put them over his shoulders before diving into my cunt. His tongue was running all over my hole, and it felt so good. The naughty professor went on for about twenty minutes before I pulled away from him. “You know you just ate cum right?” I giggle out loud. The look of pure shock over his face was priceless.

I reached out and kissed him, tasting a mix of my pussy juice and cum on his lips. Then, I pulled away and winked at him. “Oh by the way, if you want to fuck again, then find another guy whose cum you want to taste from the source.” I gave him a flash of my ass before skipping out of his office. I knew he was going to be texting me very soon!

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