Who could have dreamed in weekend partying would result in sex with my teacher!

I went out clubbing this weekend as any good whore would do. I had my “fuck me” black pumps on and a pink dress that was super tight and short. While I knew I looked hot, I didn’t think I would later be having sex with my teacher! I was supposed to meet a few friends at this hole in the wall place, and I guess I was early.

I look over at the bar and to my surprise, I saw my professor. He of course double takes and his eyes linger for a long time. He likes what he sees. Touché.

I have always thought about fucking him but the funny thing is, I’m not failing his class. Usually, when I fuck a teacher of mine, it’s to get my grade curved.

I walk over to him and we start chatting, laughing, and flirting. The place is getting more crowded and I don’t feel like I can keep my hands to myself any longer. He excuses himself to the bathroom, and I, of course, wait a minute and then follow behind.

When I get into the bathroom he is surprised to see me there behind him.

I see him holding his cock towards the urinal. His dick is nice and fat. I was about to have sex with my teacher for no reason!

I drop to my knees and take his cock away from him but he is playing hard to get! He grabs me and stands me up on my feet. “You’re my student and half my age, we can’t.” I have always been a girl who likes a challenge!

I push him towards the wall and grab his cock and start stroking it. He wants to push me away, but he can’t. My professor’s cock is aching and as hard a rock. He tells me again “We really can’t do this.”

I back up from his body and release his boner, challenging him. Both of our eyes are glazed over and our bodies are pulsating and horny.

Then, I lift my dress over my head and strip my sexy little body out of it. I’m wearing a white g-string on that I pull up higher on my hip bones. My panties dig into my pussy lips. I start rubbing myself in front of him. He can see how wet my fingers are getting.

I rub my clit back and forth faster, sliding one of my fingers inside of me from time to time.

I watch him take his cock in his hand. He can’t resist it. My professor starts fucking his rod, pounding himself hard. I was one of those girls having sex in a bar bathroom, but I didn’t care in the slightest.

I fuck my pussy at the same speed that he is beating that cock. “Is that how hard and fast you’d fuck my pussy professor?” I kept provoking him as I touched myself. “Come on professor, how deep does that cock want to slide inside of my pussy.”

He bites his lip and releases that cock. His hands press me up against the wall and in one thrust he shoved himself inside of me. Then, I instantly squirt on his cock. And, I beg him to fuck me harder. Until I can feel him about to cum.

I wiggle out of his grip and drop to my knees. I suck his cock to the back of my throat. That cum explodes all in my mouth!

Needless to say, I don’t think I have to try so hard in his class anymore according to how hard I actually make him!


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