This kinky forced bi sex tale will have you nervous and ready to stroke all at the same time.  Get ready to learn all about how I helped my friend get revenge on her office bully. So get ready for the naughty tale of how the night progressed from clubbing to a home invasion and hot forced bi sex.    

So here is how it all got started…

 My best she-male girlfriend, Justice and I had decided to go out for the weekend.   Our plan was to spend the day getting pampered and having a little retail therapy, before going out for the night.  We wanted to hit the clubs and hit the clubs hard. Both of us made appointments at my cousin’s spa and indulged in all the beauty treatment, which included getting our hair done, body waxing, facials, along with manicures and pedicures.   After leaving the spa we were ready to go to the mall and find the perfect freak ’em dress. We were having a ball enjoying our girl time.   

While leaving the mall we happened to run into one of the new office managers at Justice’s job. He was very smug when speaking to her.   Making some rude comments under his breath. I asked Justice about him, as we were putting our bags in the trunk of her car. She put on that cute brave smile and started the car.  “He is just another little prick at work that needs to be taught a lesson.” Then we left the mall parking lot and headed to my place. We had already agreed to get dressed at my house and leave for the club from there. 

Back at my house…

 Once we reached my house, I knew I needed to lighten the mood.  The first thing was to put on some sexy dancehall music, something that will have us rolling our hips and shaking our sexy asses.  While the music was playing, I poured us a couple of glasses of wine and rolled a few joints for us to take part in. Justice had begun to relax a little more by then, but I could tell she was still mad at the guy from her office.   We got dressed, talked, continued to puff the magic dragon and sip wine. Then out of nowhere she turned to me and said I wish I could just fuck him up. Caught off guard at the sudden outburst, I said: “ You can, that dick is big enough!”  We laughed, but a new plan for the night was going through my mind.

Forced bi sex was now on the menu! 

Of course, I was livid about the way that my She-male girlfriend, Justice, was feeling.  I hated seeing her like that. She was so mad.  I knew for a fact that we had to do something about it. So instead of going to tear the clubs up, we began to hatch a new plan one that included home invasion and forced bi sex.   She retrieved his address info from files on her job issued computer and we began to get ready. 

Instead of putting on the sexy little outfits we bought at the mall, we dressed in all black. We looked as if we were going to rob a bank. However, we were going to rob him of something more precious.  We grabbed our duffel bag which contained ropes, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, ballgag, strap-on, and a couple of weapons (just in case we need it). We drove out in my car and headed towards his place.   

Time for a home invasion

When we reached his house, secluded in the back of a cul-de-sac.   It appeared pitched dark inside, so we parked on the street behind his house and came through the woods to get to his backyard.  Before letting ourselves in though an unlocked window, in what appeared to be his laundry room. We quietly walked through the house and into his bedroom, where she was sound asleep.   We quietly went to work tying him up and blindfolding him. When he awoke he was already tied, bound and gagged.   

I could see the power rising in Justice, as she pulled out her 9.5 ” big back cock, and rub all over our victims face while talking shit to him.   She pushed his face down on the floor, his ass poked up on the air. Spitting on her cock she rubbed it on his asshole. He struggled to get free. He even tried to send out muffled begs and screams through his gagged mouth but it was going to happen.  She reminded him of all the time he called her little faggot bitch and many other things. When she pushed her whole cock in him giving him that hard forced bi-sex, she looked elated. While continuing to fuck his virgin hole he kept asking him “Who’s the bitch now?”  

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