I am an Ebony Mistress naturally, even before I ever thought about doing phone sex.  It’s like from the time I pop out of my mom’s vagina.   I knew exactly who I was demanding, confident and a true boss bitch.  Some guys can handle that and find it sexy. Others, the smart ones,  know the superiority of my position as an Ebony Goddess and fall right in line.   Then there are those like the man that you will learn of today. These are the ones that have to be trained or broken down.

When I began working for this complete fucking asshole, it was hard to remain professional.  He loved to yell and shout insult to his subordinates, they would cower when he expressed his displeasure with them.  I just could not believe that this dude had these people around the office kissing his ass and licking his boots.   There have been several times when my co-workers would be in the bathroom or breakroom crying because of the tongue lashing he had just given them.   I am talking about grown ass women and men with college degrees crouched down sniveling like little babies.

Well, he had never approached me in any way other than respectful.  Besides I am nothing like these docile ass licking bitches that work for him.  My mom worked hard to pay for my degree.  So I’ll be damned to take his shit and break down crying like these bitches he has working for him.  Besides, I could tell underneath the all that bravado there was a man that just needed an Ebony Goddess.  And I was the right one to show him what the fuck was up!

Today was his day!

So it was the end of the fiscal year and there were a lot of reports and audits to be done.  Everybody was on the edge, especially  The Boss.  People were walking on eggshells and trying to get work done and complete before sneaking out for the weekend.   I did not even realize that I was in the office alone.  They scurried out of that office like mice.  Looking at the time I decided to get ready to go myself.  Just as I was packing up The Boss grabs my arm and says, “Where are you going?”   I yank my arm from his grasp and told him I am going home like everyone else.  Glaring directly in his eyes I said, “And I suggest you watch your fucking tone!”

 I am your Ebony Mistress Now!!

He was startled, his face turning red and his cock got hard.  I smile at him and tell him to meet me in his office and when I got there I want him naked.  Taking my time to get to his office, he did as his Ebony Mistress commands and was naked when I walked in.   I stood in front of him and said, “Kneel.”   He had that same stupid look on his face again.  So, I yell, “Fucking Knee!”  Knowing that I was not playing you kneel down before me and say yes mistress.  As he knelt before me, I knew I had him right where I wanted him.

I bet you can wait to hear all about what a Dominatrix like me did to the boss.   Stay tuned… more to come.

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