Forced Bi: I ALWAYS get what I want

Something you may not know about me? I like forcing my guy friends to give handjobs, and suck cock. Even Forced Bi Phonesex is so fucking hot!


I take pride in being a conniving little bitch and planning it out just right. Inviting 2 guys over at the same time. Pretending that I forgot I made plans with both of them. Then offering up some fun for ALL of us. *wicked grin*

It’s so fucking HOT to get a guy in a position where he would fuck ANYthing, and I Do Mean ANYthing. I love getting my boy toys all hot and bothered, making them think they are going to run the train on me- perhaps a little DP action. Only to give MY ultimatum.

It sounds something like this: Ahem. ” Either you play with him.. *giggles* or you don’t get to play with me *pouty face*”

Believe it or not, my success rate of getting what the fuck I want is very high, and the lengths I will go to to get it- well, I haven’t found my limit, But trust and Believe- I WILL push you to yours. Tricking guys into a forced bi situation, baiting them, and getting my way. What the fuck could be better? Oh yeah, that’s right… Afterward, I’ll have 2 COCKS to fuck! Totally a win/win.

I have my ways. I’m a SLUT, remember.

Besides, we all have to kiss a little ass, and sometimes even suck a little cock to get what we want.

If you want me, *giggles* you just may have to do both.

Hey, you never know until you try, and just think of how GOOD my pussy is going to feel after you do what I yearn to see.

Got a Forced Bi Fantasy?

I’ll make it CUM true, whether you want it… or not *wink*

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