Have you ever tasted forbidden fruit?

My good friend Salvatore is a high school drama teacher and he’s naturally surrounded by forbidden fruit every day.   He often tells me amusing stories about his students and what fuck ups most of them are.  I noticed that when he spoke of a certain female student named Jade, his voice changed.  He sounded as if he was talking about a woman he was lusting after.  Of course, I called him out on it.

“So, this girl Jade…” I began.  “You want to fuck her, right?”

We were sitting on my couch watching the Oregon Ducks football game and drinking beer.  He nearly spit out a mouthful of beer when I said that.  “No!” he said vehemently.  “Of course I don’t want to fuck her.  She’s 17 years old!  She’s a student.  I’m her adult teacher.  That is so wrong on so many different levels, Sabrina. She’s literally forbidden fruit.”

I let him finish his little speech then said, “I think you want to fuck her. You talk about her like you want to fuck her.  Describe her to me.  What does she look like, your forbidden fruit?”

Grudgingly, he gave me her stats.  “About 5’7, thin but athletic… brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, tight little ass, perky tits…”

“You just described ME!” I said, laughing.

He laughed too.  “I guess you are my type, so to speak.”  he said.  

I put my hand on his lap.  “And you’re my favorite type of teacher.”  I said, running my hand up and down his thigh.  “In fact, you’re my favorite teacher.  I know I didn’t deserve that A you gave me last term but maybe I can work for it now…”  I smiled slyly at him. He looked clueless for a minute before he realized what I was doing.  

“Oh, you deserved that A, Jade.  Don’t sell yourself short.  But it’s really not appropriate for you to be touching me this way.”

“Why not?  We’re alone in your classroom.  Nobody can see us.”  I moved my hand closer to his cock and let it rest just above it.  

“Jade… you really need to stop touching me that way.” his voice was hoarse; just above a whisper.

“You don’t really want me to stop, do you, Mr. S?”  I said, letting my hand slip down to his cock.  I began to squeeze it gently, pumping it steadily with my hand.

Salvatore moaned.  The Forbidden Fruit of his wet dreams was now pulling off his shorts and wrapping her tongue around his cock.  “Oh, Jade. You’re such a good girl.  You’re such a good little cock sucker!”  He grabbed my hair and pushed my head up and down his cock.  “I knew you were a horny little slut, Jade.  I can tell by the way you look at me in class.  And you wear those tight t-shirts to school just for me, don’t you, little whore?”

I nodded my head as I sucked him.  “I want you to jerk off to my luscious tits.”  I said as I rubbed his cock on my cheek.  

“Get that cock back in your mouth, Jade.  NOW!” he said in his strictest teacher voice.  “You want to earn another A, slut? Keep sucking.  That’s right.”  He held my head and thrust his hips up, ramming his big cock into my throat.  “Good girl.  Good girl.  I’m going to give you mouthful of cum and you are to swallow every drop.  Is that clear?”  

I moaned and nodded my head.  I kept nodding my head up and down, pulling his cock along with my mouth and sucked faster.  He let out a cry as he pumped his cock faster into my wet mouth and then I felt a sudden gush of jizz shooting right into my throat.  I did as Mr. S told me to do.  I gulped down every bit of his load.

I sat back down next to him as he chuckled and put his shorts back up.

“There’s a young girl who works at the coffee shop too.  Can you be her next time?” he asked.

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