Foot worship fantasy

In my foot worship fantasy you are to be on your knees, naked, begging to worship me. Don’t look up at me just look down at the floor. Your to be on your knees with your hands flat on the floor. Let me hear you beg to worship your mistress. At some point you will try to look up at me which you’ll learn that will be a mistake. But don’t take my word for it just try it and see. Until I give permission your eyes and hands remain on the floor. No looking, no touching, and unless your begging then no talking. I’m standing over you in stocking and heels. I don’t just stick my sexy bare feet out and say lick them. If you want my feet then you will work for them. After your pathetic begging then you can clean my heels with your tongue.

Keep your hands flat on the floor and only using your tongue lick my heels clean. I want you to make my heels shine. Your tongue licks all over and just when you think your done I remind you to clean the other one. Then I kick you onto your back. Now you have permission to look at me. I slip off my heels and dangle my nylon feet over your face. Beg to worship my feet. Instead of giving you what you want I just tease you. My feet circle above your face and you’ll do something stupid like try and lick them. But you weren’t given permission. Now I am just going to tease you harder. I will rub my nylon feet against the insides of your legs. I’ll bypass your cock and rub my feet up your body. Then I’ll rub my feet on your face.

Foot slave worship me

Even though I am rubbing my feet into your face you won’t be able to lick them or smell them. I’ll only rub them on your cheeks and forehead. You squirm because it’s driving you crazy. The time has come that I make you admit what you truly are. I am in full control and you are nothing but a pathetic foot slave. Say you are a pathetic foot slave! Now say it louder. Just as you scream it I shove my nylon foot into your mouth. I shove my foot deep into your throat causing you to gag. Suck it bitch! Are you ready for me to take off these nylons and give you my sexy bare feet? Yes! You will be begging for my bare feet. I rip off my nylons and shove my feet into your face. Smell them bitch!

Again I gag you with my foot. Still have a foot worship fantasy pig? My legs are tired so I sit down. No, don’t get up crawl on your knees to me. Lick my feet pig. One by one suck on my toes. Now lick the soles of my feet. I want to hear how amazing I am while your sucking and licking. Don’t forget to say thank you Mistress which I know you will forget to do. Because you will forget I’ll have to punish you again. Sometimes my punishments can be scary but always pleasuring. Stan up and turn around and let that bare ass face me. Now bend over and touch those toes. As you take a deep breath in I push my big toe inside your ass. Don’t move or I’ll make it hurt. After I am done with your ass sit on the couch.

Rewards only come to those who do a good job

Do you think you deserve to be rewarded in this foot worship fantasy? I thought the pleasure of sucking my toes was a reward! But I really want to drive you crazy so I take my feet and wrap them around your cock. Slowly I stroke your cock with my feet. Going slow then fast stroking your cock. Every time you get close I pull my feet away. How’s that for a tease? And if your wondering if you get to cum I guess you’ll have to call and see. But I have so many ways I can rock your foot worship fantasy! Call me for all your fetish phone sex desires.

Did you hear about my lesbian foot fetish?? An experience which I’ll never forget. But check it out for yourself. Then I dare you to call me.