Foot Worship: Thick ropes of cum erupted out of the head of his cock and dripped down my feet.

Foot Worship: “Yes! Right now”, I replied as he whipped out his hard dick and moved my feet around it. I started to jerk it off and could feel his veiny shaft pulsate on the
palms of my feet. Next, I started stroking it faster and faster and I felt his sticky precum
ooze out between my sexy little toes. “Are you ready?”, he asked as he looked up to find
me rubbing my engorged little clit. He clearly could see exactly how much I liked it
as I’d pulled my panties to the side exposing my soaking wet pussy in the process.
“Cum Daddy”, I pleaded as I began to squirt.  Meanwhile, thick ropes of cum erupted out of the head of his cock and dripped down my feet.

I started to play with his thick creamy cum in between my toes after he finished covering them in his thick white baby batter. “I want you to taste it”, he said and it’s a good thing I’m flexible because he moved my naughty little feet up to my pouty lips and I licked and sucked all of his load off each of my pretty painted little toes.  Incidentally, Cum fetish is one of my favorites so this was awesome! Looking up at him showing how much I love him worshiping my feet!

So, as you know, my tight pussy can’t get enough cock inside it, my hands are
perfectly tuned into jerking thick loads of cum out of very grateful – rock hard
cock and my mouth is experienced in taking load after load of salty nut and as of late
I’ve been working on my foot fucking skills!

Foot Worship: my pussy never gets wetter than when someone is playing with my feet.

While I try not to play favorites, I’m not sure if my pussy ever gets wetter than when someone is playing with my feet. I find it incredibly erotic when a man’s strong hands are wrapped around my soft, perfectly manicured feet.  Also, something about how tiny they look in the grip of his big steady hands gets me so fucking horny! When the right man can worship them while rubbing oil along each of my toes, preparing to adore them with his tongue too, my back instantly arches as I experience the pleasure!

So, If you’re the kind of guy that knows how to properly worship my feet, what are you
waiting for? I can barely contain my moaning if you wrap your tongue in between
each of my toes, sucking them, licking them – Don’t forget to run your tongue
down the bottoms and really taste me! Please run your tongue along the top of
my feet watching me arch them as you continue to worship! Take your time to get
my feet wet, because something about it gets the inside of my pussy super wet
too. Above all, I’ll thank you for taking such good care of me.

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