My Foot Loving Boss Really Knows How To Fuck A Girl Properly

My foot loving boss, the slave driver he is, wants me to work!  I was extremely excited it was finally Friday, however, that excitement was short-lived because my boss told me he and I had to stay late to meet some deadline for one of our overseas accounts.

Accepting my fate of what will be considered a late night, I slid my new ruby red Prada heels off to get more comfortable. Fortunately, my boss has a beautiful view of the city! The distant lights give the office a very seductive feel.

Richard arrives ten minutes after I did. As he entered the office,  standing at the full-length window I glanced over my shoulder at his entrance. My God he is a beautiful man! Standing 6’2, jet black hair, hazel eyes and an olive complexion, he looks more like a Greek God rather than a suit in New York City.

“Sorry for the delay, I was cornered by one of our head CEO’s who it appears, likes to harass me particularly.”  As he headed to the couch, I grabbed some files and made myself comfortable, curling my legs under my ass. Richard was perusing through some papers when I noticed he stopped and was staring at my feet. With a crooked smile, I sat down on the couch making sure to leave my feet in full view for his entertainment.

I started rubbing them against one another in a seductive way he was sure to notice.

As Richard cleared his throat, he took a seat at the other end of the couch, taking his shoes off as well as his Armani jacket.  I could feel him watching me. I pretended not to notice my foot loving boss staring as I continued rubbing my feet in a sexy manner. “So, where are we on the Thomas account?” I glanced up at him, giving him a sultry look. “We are waiting on Ernest to sign the final docs.” I reach out to hand him the file and “accidentally” let it slip between my feet and ass.  He tried to catch it but missed.

As he reached down to grab it, I moved my foot close enough to feel the warmth of his hand on my heel. Instead of grabbing the file, my foot loving boss starts to caress my heels. I stretch my leg out giving him better access. He lifts my foot up and starts to kiss it, a moan escaping his lips.  His hands moved up further to my inner thigh while I changed my position to flat on my back. As his hand grazed my pussy, a moan escaped my lips.

Then he grabbed both of my ankles and yanked me closer to him.

He reaches up and pulls my panties off and lifts my skirt. Grabbing my ass, he lifts it in the air and begins what I can only classify as, ass worship that’s going to make me cum right there on the spot. Massaging and kneading my ass cheeks while fucking my asshole with his tongue, was making me soaking wet. Grabbing his hair, my back arches when he sticks his finger in my warm wet pussy. 

Standing up and taking my hand, Richard turned me around to unzip my skirt. Letting it fall to the ground, I unbutton my silk top and it slides to the floor. Turning around, standing in front of him in just my red satin lacy bra and thong, I watch my foot loving boss take off his shirt.

While he is doing that, I slowly start walking towards the window.

As he steps up behind me, I can feel his hard cock slipping through my legs, rubbing against my wet pussy. Reaching around he grabs my tits and starts rubbing them. He slides his hands down my belly and yanks my hips towards him. Hands braced on the window, I can feel how hard my foot loving boss is. The head of his cock is at my entrance, just waiting to enter my wet, longing pussy. He pushes it in until he is thrusting in and out of me.

With each moan the window fogs. Reaching around playing with my clit, I start to moan. With each moan, he thrusts harder and faster bringing my moans to a scream of ecstasy just before I cum. I can feel he is close. Just before he starts to cum, I quickly turn around and stick his cock in my mouth sucking and tasting myself. When he releases his load, I am there to take it all in. Swallowing, licking my lips, he yanks me up by the arms and starts kissing me sucking my tongue.

Once we were dressed and sitting back on the couch,  I commenced to separate the files.  All things considered, the view coupled with the phenomenal sex with my foot loving boss, made the evening sexy as fuck!  Well, aside from actually having to work anyway.

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