If you’ve ever noticed your girlfriend’s toes in her cute summer sandals, you may have a foot fetish. It doesn’t guarantee it of course but doesn’t it, though? It starts with a pair of heels sliding off of a pair of tired feet. Then it progresses to your cock twitching as she wiggles and stretches her toes. The whine and whimper is that same sound you’ve only dreamed of hearing. That’s what foot job JOI audio does for listeners. It transports you to that exact moment when both you and she are completely focused on her delicious feet. Listen to the sound of pleasure falling over her lips that usually only comes from cock while you stroke your own for her.

You Know You Love It

If you already have a taste for JOI, then you’re bound to love foot job JOI audio. An incredibly sensual experience becomes filthy in seconds. The most important thing is to go in with an open mind and your cock in your hand. You receive JOI (jerk off instructions) from me as I explain exactly what I want to do to yourself and when. I want to work you up into such a frenzy that you’re about to lose your mind and your load any second. The best part is when I tell you to stop. Can you imagine hearing my sweet voice demanding you take your hand away from your cock? I just want you to focus on worshiping my cute feet instead of your dick at that point.

Foot Job JOI Audio

Once your cock throbs and you beg to cum, then the fun really begins. I take off my shoes, rub my arches, I moan like an absolute cock whore on heat. Do you have any idea how amazing it feels to rub my feet over your erection while you gasp from the friction? Feel the sensation of my toes closing over the head of your cock while I instruct you to squeeze right there. Or maybe you enjoy the tingle of my feet tapping your balls impatiently waiting for your cum? In that case, you need to touch your balls for me. It feels exactly like I’m in the room with you during the foot job JOI audio. What could be better?

We Can Get Rougher, Too

Feeling much naughtier than a standard foot job JOI audio permits? I love teasing men by rubbing my tight cunt while they only get to use my feet to jerk off. Aw, you want to fuck me? I’m not sure you deserve it. Look at my cute little toes and think about my high arches. Wouldn’t they feel amazing against your cock? You know they would. Instead, you’re going to stroke your cock exactly how I tell you to during your foot job JOI. If I’m feeling generous by the end, I may let you spill yourself on my lovely feet. Just be warned, I may have you lick them clean, however. And I need to hear you do it eagerly.


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