I have a foot fetish. And I enjoy doing foot fetish modeling. Before I knew I had a fetish, I began modeling. You can imagine my surprise when the seemingly innocuous decision to model my feet triggered an erotic response – in public!

The Start in Stockings

I love slipping into a brand new pair of silky stockings. The soothing sensation of rolling up the nylon fabric up over my pointed toes makes me feel incredibly sexy. Since I find myself in stockings of all colors and lengths all of the time, it makes sense for me to do foot fetish modeling.

That first photography session focused entirely on my feet. My cute little toes pointed, flexed, curled as I positioned my appendages for the camera. Of course my favorite sensation, after putting on the stockings, was stretching my whole body. When stretching, my feet arch deliciously, expanding and lengthening all of those tendons and ligaments. (Don’t you want to see me stretch right now?)

Pushing through the balls of my feet made my calves looked amazing. Rocking my soft heels and pressing both feet together impressed the photographer. It altogether felt like yoga to me, though. By the time we were done, I felt as if I’d completed a small workout. Or at least got some cardio in – because I was a bit winded!

Changing back into my jeans, I realized how soaked my panties were. When I got out to the car, I rubbed my clit through my jeans like some sort of cum slut and came right there in the driver’s seat!

Crushed on Crushing

It wasn’t until relatively recently that I even realized crushing was a “thing.” I became absolutely fascinated by food crushing on Twitter. When a pretty foot, tall heel, or sandal smash into a ripe tomato or decorated cake, something obsessive stirred inside me. Have you ever seen these videos? I think they’re on par with the “pimple popper” videos but for foot fetish lovers.

After doing a whole lot of research on the types of items, not just food, getting crushed underfoot, the next step was fairly obvious. I created my own crushing experience and took pictures of the process.

Foot Fetish Modeling

I take pictures of my feet for myself and in the studio. Some are purely “vanilla” images of my soft feet, either naked or in pantyhose. Others breach that line into more fetishized pictures where I’ll be smeared in honey, walking through berries, or splashed with cum.

I love giving foot jobs; stroking a hard cock with my soft feet while a man loses his mind from the sensation gives me a whole lot of pleasure. My foot fetish modeling has now expanded my ability to give even better foot jobs. I know technically how to make it feel best and aesthetically how to make it look amazing. And isn’t that really the best of both worlds?

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