He Had A Foot Fetish, And I loved His Fetish

When my latest boyfriend asked if I was ok with him having a foot fetish, I said I sure was. I love having my feet played with and massaged. I’ve had other boyfriends with a foot fetish in the past and they always showered attention on my tender tootsies. I loved it. They were generous with buying me shoes, doing my pedicures, and lots of foot massages. I did not mind one bit giving them foot jobs in return. They would usually start by slathering up my feet with some cream and make me feel oh so good. Then they’d have me work those cream covered feet all over their cock and balls.

I’d given foot jobs many times before and I was actually quite good at it

Squishing those balls with my toes, flexing them, and then stroking their hard shaft between my soft feet. They would cup my feet in their hands and fuck them. The soles of my feet enveloping their hard cock. I’d smooth the dripping precum all over the head of their cock with my big toe. Moving it around in little circles all over the head of their dick. My feet are always nicely done up in polish and well moisturized. I told my guy I’d given foot jobs many times before and I was actually quite good at it.I could be a true teasing slut .  He loved hearing that. He said some other girls had been willing, but just not that good at it.

His foot fetish amuses me

We watch t.v. together on the sofa and many times. I lay my feet in his lap and he cannot resist rubbing them. It then soon it evolves into him unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard cock and me giving him a foot job. His foot fetish amuses me, it’s kind of funny really. He’s groaning and grunting away as my toes and soles bring him to sheer ecstasy.

He watches foot fetish porn when he masturbates, I’ve walked in on him watching it. He said it’s just been a lifelong thing for him. Summertime is like a foot buffet for him, seeing all the nearly bare feet in sandals. We went down South for the weekend recently to a beach and seeing all the shoeless women drove him crazy. He had an erection the entire time we were at the beach practically. We were in a bit of a secluded area and he pulled his dick out and placed my feet on it.

He lay back and let me work my magic feet all over him

I caressed his turgid cock with my feet. The sun shining, the breeze blowing, his throbbing member in between my feet. I could literally feel his heartbeat in his dick on my feet. He lay back and let me work my magic feet all over him. I jerked them and jiggled them and I knew his balls were filling with cum. A few more quick strokes from my gripping toes and he was off to heaven. His cum squirted all over the tops of my feet. They were still gripping his cock and the whole shaft was twitching as it drained itself. My feet were soon covered in little drops of his cum. He just enjoyed the relaxing feeling washing over him. I got up and walked to shore, the waves washing the cum away. His foot fetish is indeed fun for us both.

I love doing Fetish phone sex any Fetish!

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