Pretty feet deserve foot fetish worship.

I date men who love Foot fetish worship. I go to great lengths in making sure that my feet stay in good shape. Smooth to the touch and always keeping my feet maintained with a fresh pedicure. I always keep my toenails shaped and painted. . Either with a  demure french manicure, a pretty in pink, or a hot exotic red. Decorating my feet is what I do best. Drawing attention to my ankles with a subtle but delicate anklet, that elegantly dangles on the side of my ankle. I enjoy slipping my feet into a new set of beautiful, come fuck me high heeled stilettos, which is a big turn-on for me., also for my gentleman suitor, whoever he may be. You see, I date men who also have a healthy appetite for beautiful feet and Foot fetish worship.

Obsession with foot fetish worship.

I enjoyed watching my cousin, Sam, get hard whenever he would see my feet. Sam had a thing for me ever since we were younger. He always had an obsession with my feet. He was complimenting my toes and telling me how pretty and delicate they were. I caught him numerous times sniffing my vans whenever I was at his house hanging out with his sister. He always pretended to be bringing my sneakers to me. I  realized then he had a major crush on me. But he also was obsessed with my feet,  since he was into Foot fetish worship.

His Fetish

One night Sam and I went out to swingers, cuckolds, and orgies club and got a bit plastered. We went back to his place. There he confessed to me that he had a major Foot fetish worship obsession and that I was the one that started his fascination with feet.  He explained to me Foot fetish worship was more than just sticking soles in ones face.  Instructing me how to do a proper footjob and dropping his pants at the same time.



I enjoyed making him earn what he liked by humiliating him.  Building up to the Foot fetish worship, I hovered my toes in front of his lips. I then moved my other foot around the back of his head.  I teased him by rubbing my toes over his lips and bringing him to moan.  using my foot at the back of his head to force his lips down onto my other foot.  Keeping my foot against the back of his head. I then took my other foot and shoved it deeply, into his mouth. ensuring that all five of my toes were firmly wedged in.

Submission Aspect.

I exuded my dominance. stating a command “If you suck my toes like a good boy I will release you!.” He proceeded to suck my toes. My pussy became wet knowing that I had complete power over him.  Sam worshiped me from below. expressing his desire to be dominated. I then used lube to glid the souls of my feet up and down his shaft. The more lube that I used the easier it is was to stroke and rub his cock, inducing him to have a major orgasm and cumming all over my feet.   To hear more about Foot fetish worship and fetish phone sex call me.


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