Swingers Cuckolds and Orgies my first experience at a hedonistic club.

I had overheard a couple making plans to go into the city and visit this “SWINGERS CLUB” I listened intently as they repeated what had been told to them. The club offered swingers, cuckolds, and orgies. Upon hearing this, I grew excited, feeling my womanhood become aroused and moist at the thought of having a plethora of men at my feet fucking me with no judgment.
I then interrupted their conversation and invited myself. The evening of, I knew just what to wear. A satin vintage black slip for a dress. And the matching thong to go with it. A pair of black six-inch stiletto heels. Now I was ready.

The Hedonistic Club full of Swingers Cuckolds and Orgies

I wasn’t certain what to expect. From the looks of it, it was your average swanky club but it was not It was filled with swingers, cuckolds, and orgies. I noticed dozens of well-dressed people on the outside, waiting to get in. Inside I saw scantily clad women in mile-high dresses, arriving on the arms of their suitors.
Nestled safely in its own secluded corner, This club kept complete anonymity. With its strict rules to protect the identity of its members.

Rooms of Swingers  Cuckolds and Orgies

Upon entering,  one can see a room full of swingers, cuckolds, and orgies also an elaborate dance floor, flanked by two bars. A few stripper poles were thrown in. In the center was a giant Martini glass with a stunning lady. Bikini Goddess dancing seductively inside it for everyone to see.
Off to the side was a room where naughtiness was welcomed and encouraged by its patrons,
There was a plush bed with a canopy. Close the curtains if you choose, but you’re always welcome to leave the curtains wide open to put on a salacious show.
At one point late in the night two extremely sexy ladies, dressed in black chokers with corsets and garter belts, decided to sample each other’s treats in one of the beds attracting onlookers.

Satisfying my craving with Swingers Cuckolds and Orgies

My friend the husband-wife led me down a long corridor that led to many other rooms. I could hear the sensual sounds amplifying from intense orgasms. Coming from rooms of swingers, cuckolds, and orgies.  I could feel a tingle emanating from my pussy due to the excitement.
Just then, I realized I was no longer with my colleagues. My friends’ husband was sitting stroking his cock while some well-built and tall guy had his wife on all fours as he fondled her wildly filling her pussy full of cum for her husband who is her cream pie cuckold.
I then walked in the direction of a chamber with no doors. Towels awaiting to be used as a robe. I removed my dress and thong, stepping out of my heels. I wrapped the small towel around my body.

Perfect spot to get wet or anything you desire

I  then followed the path that led me to a chamber with six men inside a large sauna-like pool. My heart pounded from excitement and fear. I continued to walk towards swingers, cuckolds, and orgies. As if I was their salvation. I neared the bath. All eyes were on me. I dropped the small hand towel that draped my body and slowly entered the enormous pool of water. I watched as they salivated like hungry wolves that needed to be fed.

One man moved close behind me.

Wrapping his large firm arms around my waist and holding me tight to him, I could feel his firm, eager cock rubbing up against my ass, looking for entry. The guy sitting across from me made his way to the front of me. Cupping my breasts in his hands and leaned in to suckle from the nipples as if to draw nectar. I heard soft moans and realized it was me releasing the sounds of satisfaction swingers, cuckolds, and orgies.

This was nirvana swingers, cuckolds, and orgies

Lastly,  a man behind me gently slid his cock in from behind, I thought this is nirvana. My pussy accepted his gift of desire. Here I felt empowered. I, the Goddess, am being serviced by her men. Relentlessly pleasing me and making me cum continuously.  In conclusion, this was my first experience with swingers, cuckolds, and orgies. As you can see I have so much fun with cuckold phone sex, but not limited to I love all sorts of hot phone sex!

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