This one is for all you foot fetish readers.

Tell me, my foot fetish readers, aren’t these just the cutest feet you’ve ever seen? They’re so nicely manicured and well taken care of. They should be. I have my boyfriend take care of my feet each night, lotioning them and pampering them so they look nice.

Wouldn’t you like to be in his place? Your hands on my smooth foot, making sure to lotion up each toe? Give me a foot massage, pamper these cute little feet of mine? Because you can be, baby. I know you’ll worship them well.

You’ll go ahead and lotion them up first, before giving me that mind-blowing massage I know you can do. Start with my pinky toe before working your way up to my big toe. Grind your knuckles down on the balls of my feet. Go ahead and dig the heel of your palm into the heel of my foot. It feels amazing for me. By the tent in your pants, I can tell you’re really into this, too.

Remember, you’ve got to get rid of any dead skin on my feet. So polish it up, you understand? Get those Pedieggs and rollers going. And once you’re done removing any blemish, I want you to paint my toenails, you understand? When my toenail polish completely dries, these feet will give you what you want.

My foot slides its way to the side of your right cheek, warm on the side of your face.

You can smell the lotion and the sweat from my foot, can’t you? Given how you adjust yourself in your pants, you definitely can. Why don’t you kiss my feet from right there? Take it in your mouth and just press your lips against the soles of my feet. There you go. That’s a good boy.

And let me slide my feet down, down, down into your lap where you want them most.

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