The beginning of my foot fetish tales. 

Out of the various erotic escapades I love to partake in, one of my favorites has always been exercising my undeniable foot fetish. It’s simple and pleasureful, but most of all, it makes me feel fabulously sexy. Feeling my feet being worshipped and receiving the attention they deserve sends tinges of pure ecstasy all through my body. It makes my nipples perk, and my cunt violently throb. I love it so much I now have plenty of naughty foot fetish tales to tell. 

Like any good fetish, this one started out completely unexpectedly. I’m sure this foot fetish led to my high heel fetish as well. When I was a teenager I loved visiting my favorite aunt during the summertime. I still remember just how sexy she was. I’ll never forget those tight shorts and see-through blouses. I would always catch small glimpses of those gloriously full perky breasts and nipples that were always visible. She made me wet all the time, and I would spend entire nights rubbing my pussy while thinking about her.

She makes my pussy dripping wet.

One night we were sitting on the couch, just chatting casually about how big of a dick her husband was for leaving her. She had given me a drink, even though I was underage. She was just that cool. However, teenage me wasn’t very good with the booze and soon started ranting about how beautiful she was and how much of an idiot her husband was for leaving her. She smiled throughout, making me hornier and needier.

You know what you should do? You should go out and get some cock!,” I drunkenly yelled. I just wanted someone to ram that drop-dead, curvy body. It needed to be loved and worshipped. She kept on smiling and soon enough began giving me a foot massage. She had massaged my feet before. However, this time there was something different about this foot massage, something that still makes me moan when I think about it.

She gave me a sensual foot massage.

Her thumb wasn’t pressing into my foot. Instead, it glided across the skin, raising goosebumps that traveled upwards to my thighs. This moment was the start of my foot fetish tales. Next, she dug a finger right into the middle of my arch, moving her nail clockwise to stimulate nerve endings that I never knew existed. She didn’t just stop there.

While my leg was writhing in sweet, unbridled ecstasy, she was leaning down and bringing her long, wet tongue towards my toe. She held my thumb between her teeth, her tongue spreading across it and rubbing it in circles. It was ticklish, but the feeling sprang up in my throbbing cunt more than anywhere else. My nipples were so sensitive and almost in pain from being erect for so long.

My body craved more, and she gave it to me.

Now, I’ve had many many nice cocks fuck my feet since then, but nothing has ever beat the feeling of experiencing her pussy with my feet. She rubbed her slit all along one them and then the other, coating my skin with her overflowing juices. Her clit beat against my foot, its wetness sending tremors up my body. I wanted her so fucking bad. My body was about to explode all over from the heat I wanted to let out, but I didn’t dare move. I couldn’t wait to see what she would do next. Safe to say, she didn’t disappoint.

My first ever scissoring session ensued, with her toe in my cunt, and mine in hers. She guided me, making my body convulse with the need and desire to please and be pleased. We stumbled off the couch, our toes still caught in one another, struggling to make that wetness explode. She made me cum first, and I’m sure she must have been cleaning up after my mess for ages.

All my pent-up desire for her exploded out as my cum sprayed the floor and our legs. I was amazed at what had transpired and was still panting wildly. However, she was laughing with glee. She had just shown me how much more she knew. I knew then I did not need to worry about her fucking explosive body being taken care of.

The wrangling of my feet against her touch made me experience feelings I have never had with anyone else. But what it did was start my new favorite fetish and became the first of many foot fetish tales.

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