I have a lover that is into feet. He is a businessman that works so much. His downtime is our play time. We meet in a hotel and spend hours together. We’ve created many foot fetish stories! This is just one for you.

He is incredibly sexy and successful. On this occasion, we established the time to meet and chose to start with dinner. The hotel has a lovely restaurant and we had a fantastic dinner. After dinner, we went up to the room. Hmmmmm…more for my GILF phone sex.

Once in the room, he told me to go shower and come out with no clothes on. I obeyed him and headed to the bathroom to get a shower. I came out fresh and clean in the towel. Get ready for a favorite foot fetish story. He instructed me to lay on the bed face up.

As a good girl, I followed directions.

When he had me on the bed, he used the spreader to open and pin my legs wide open. He then tied my hands to the bedposts. Spread out as well. Once he had me placed as he wanted me, he grabbed some of his items used for play.

He took 2 short candles and placed them near my feet, along with an ostrich feather, a soft leather whip, and some lotion. Once he had these he turned off the lights in the room so that all he could see where my feet, lit up by the candlelight. He came over and got down on the floor by them. Slowly he took the whip to the bottoms of my feet.

Pure please to feel the “smack” of that leather on the bases of my feet. I love the sound and the feel, it gets me so wet. This went on for a while as he likes to do the whip for some time. He wants my feet to be red. It is exquisite torture.

I heard him get up and go to the door. Hearing a “clanging” sound, I realized he had a bucket full of ice. He took one cube at a time and ran it up and down my soles. Then he took one ice cube to run in and out of my toes. Sucking on each toe to get the excess liquid from the cubes. Pure heaven and torture at the same time.

Once he was finished teasing me with the ice, he gently dried

my size 9.5 feet off.

Taking the feather along the edge of my feet to start the tickling. I laughed and laughed and laughed as he tickled every part of my feet with the soft ostrich feather. He went back to licking and sucking on my feet until I came with a blasting climax.

Once he was finished playing with my feet, he rubbed the lotion all over my feet. They felt so good. He untied me, and we laid on the bed together until we fell asleep from exhaustion. One hell of a foot fetish story.

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