Foot Fetish ~ Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet Give Me Lots of Dicks To Eat!

It’s Halloween, my favorite time of the year. When all the freaks come out to play. I especially love my foot fetish freaks. I make you suck my toes, and you give me your cocks to eat, and we finish with you cumming all over my pretty feet.

Having a foot fetish is a fantastic thing.  I love it when a man picks up my shoes and lifts them to his nose to smell long and deep. The soft musky scent of my feet that he is craving. I enjoy teasing before pleasing, so I drag it out as long as possible.

foot fetish

Dripping precum

The stroking of my feet against his hard throbbing cock gets a man excited when he has a foot fetish. Especially when I slip my toes over the head of his cock, and his precum is dripping from me. I lift my foot and slide into his mouth so that he can suck all his precum off it.

He did not want to, but he simply could not resist my gorgeous feet. His fingers slide over my high arches and massage the balls of my feet deeply. A foot fetish is truly an amazing fetish. The glide of his strong fingers caressing my feet leaves me relaxed but excited at the same time. I want more. I need more.

As I cup my feet around your throbbing hot member, squeeze them together, and stroke your cock with my gorgeous feet, baby! You need it so thrust deeper as you fuck my foot arches. Those soft delectable feet are exactly what your foot fetish cravings were needing.

Halloween Freak

Drive faster and harder until you explode all over my sexy little tootsies. Once you have covered my perfect in your amazing yummy cum, then bring that hot cock to my lips. I want to lick you and clean your fantastic dick. There is nothing better than tasting your cum right off your cock! I promise I am such a naughty little Halloween freak that I would bathe in your cum! Starting with my foot fetish!

Slide your cock around my mouth, and I will gobble it up! If you want, you could spank my largemouth with that thick appendage. I will be your anything. It’s Halloween; we can dress up and be anything we want to be. I will be your cock loving whore, and you can be my foot fetish king!

Lick It!

Before the night is over, I will have you drinking champagne from my shoe. Lay down and let me walk all over your back and push the ball of my foot into your groin just enough to make you moan! You know you want it. So take it like you want to! Lick it! Do it Lick it! Now, Lick my feet!

foot fetish

I want to be on my knees, worshipping your cock, sliding my tongue up and down while straddling you and feeling your tongue caressing the bottoms of my soles! This version of a 69 really gets my juices flowing. In fact, I love it so much you can make me cum all over your stomach only by licking and sucking on my toes!

I am no a no limits phone sex operator at the phone sex kingdom. My foot fetish and freaky cock loving whore costume is an everyday reality. I love cocks and feet. So if what you want is some nasty fetish phone sex, then call my number.