Cum Stain ~ He Loves to Cum All over Me So I Beg Him For More!

Cum Stain ~ He Loves to Cum All over Me So I Beg Him For More! We met at a party. He walked up and started talking to me. I was instantly turned on by him and moved in closer.

I flirted outrageously, touching him constantly as I continued to laugh and talk. When my hand brushed across his nipple underneath the soft linen shirt, it was so hard. Instantly, my tongue wanted to flick and suck on it.

The party grew more crowded, and we were pushed closer together. Because of this, I turned sideways in front of him to wave at a friend who had just said my name. As I turned, my thigh brushed his crotch, and his cock was so hard. Since I am the naughty little vixen, I am turned entirely around to place my ass up against his cock, wanting to get his cum stains all over me.

He left cum stains!

As I stood there grinding against him using the music to allow me full access, his hands came down to my hips. After the music ended and I was extremely wet from that little bit of exercise. He twirled me around and kissed my lips long and hard. He thrust his tongue deep and fast into my mouth just as his hips ground into me thrusting his cocks against my body, definitely leaving a few cum stains.

“I want you now, you little slut,” he growled. Only able to let a giggle escape my naughty mouth, I followed willingly. He pulled me into a closet. Pulling the door shut he shoved me to my knees and standing with one hand on the doorknob and the other in my hair, he shoved his massive throbbing cock deep into my mouth.

It was dripping cum onto my tongue, and I greedily licked it up swallowing him. Sucking his dick like a greedy little slut, I was determined to drain him dry. “Get ready because I am going to leave cum stains all over you and make you beg for a more, whore!” he grunted as he thrust deeper into my mouth.

Pulling my panties down

Soon he was cumming deep and hard into my mouth, and I swallowed all of it. After pulling out, he surprised me. He lifted me up, and I grabbed the closet rod and held on as he pulled my panties down.

Wrapping my legs around his shoulders, he began to eat like a starving man. Repeatedly, I thrust my hips upward into his sucking, licking face. I wanted to squirt straight into his mouth. I was drenching him with cum stain.

He stood me on shaking legs; my body still quivering from my orgasm. Quickly, I placed my hands on the back wall and spread my legs. I was practically begging for his cock by thrusting my ass upward. He drove it home. Not in my pussy as I had thought but instead pushing powerfully with one long plunge into my ASS!

I screamed, and the door flew open to the closet. He never broke stride, just grunting his pleasure with thrust after thrust. “Do you want me to fill your ass up or cum stain your whole ass?” he asked between breaths.

Cum stain my ass!

“Cum stain my ass, please!” I begged on a long moan. After only a few more deep plunges, he pulled out. He was stroking that is when I felt the hot juicy liquid of his cum staining my ass cheeks.

Turning to watch him, I found that several people were standing there filming our cum stain spectacle. Of course, we knew this was going to be going viral soon, so I did what all the best whores would. Slowly I reached around and scooping some of that tasty cum up and licking it from my fingers. “MMM, Delicious!” I purred.

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