Stories of my foot fetish slave.

A foot fetish slave is so much fun to play with! Now, mine loves being teased and shamed for all the naughty things he’s into. He has a long-standing foot fetish for me and anything I wear. Really! I swear he would cum all over himself if I wore some sexy black heels and just teased them with it. Lucky for him, I’ve always teased him with all kinds of dirty little things related to it. I love wearing thigh highs for him, or sometimes just some sexy black pantyhose. Sometimes the fun is all behind being able to see my soft, pedicured toes underneath that fabric. But his favorite part will always be when he finally gets to take my heels off.

Now, I don’t let him do this very often, or too quickly at all. Where would the fun be in our fetish phone sex if I just let him have it all from the start? Sometimes, I like to be mean about the outfit that I pick out to wear for him. He loves the all-black look due to a few other kinks that he loves to fantasize about. But his favorite part is always the black thong that I like to pull to the side and the black heels. I love to wear the little open peep-toe heels so that he can see the glossy pedicure underneath. Sometimes I have them painted all-black, but sometimes I get them painted bright red.

The pedicure color is a sweet surprise to him.

But it’s always the main star of the show. He’ll focus on those little toes like the stars that they are. I make him kiss and suck on every single one of them. He sucks on them so nicely that you’d swear he’s giving every single toe a blowjob! It’s so sexy and fun, and I love wiggling them around in his face while he does so. His lips were made to kiss my feet and toes, so I have no qualms about making him do the best job he can. Sometimes he’ll even swirl his tongue in between my toes while he massages them in his face. The feeling is bliss for both of us.

However, he does like to do something else with my feet that really turns him on. See, my foot fetish slave really does anything that comes to mind. First, he would kiss and suck on them. Then, he got a little kink for seeing me play with big black cock on the side too, and he wanted to see me jerk them off with my feet! It’s a fun little kink that even I love to play with now. It’s fun to feel a cock between my feet, throbbing and juicy, and getting harder by the minute I keep my feet so soft and supple that I can really see why it’s such a turn-on for some guys.

Footjobs are still new to me, though!

And still, I can’t get enough of them. It’s like when you try something new and naughty and get such a buzz off of it that you want to try it again. I want to keep giving footjobs for a LONG time… and I can’t get enough of it. I want to tease my foot fetish slave with my beautiful little feet. Though I can’t spoil him with a footjob every time. He needs to earn it. Where would the fun be in our playtime if I gave him exactly what he wanted, every time? I have to make him work for it. If he wants a footjob, he has to lick, suck, and kiss those pretty feet as if his life depends on it. After all, those sexy pedicures and heels don’t buy themselves.

I love spoiling myself in the name of spoiling him too. Whenever I get a brand new pair of heels, I instantly send him a picture of them. They’re always all-black, but sometimes I like to add a little flair. Sometimes they’re stilettos, sometimes they’re open peep-toe heels, and sometimes they’re just sexy black pumps. The heels change all the time, but the game doesn’t. If he can guess the price point of the heels, I’ll let him take them off of me. Every time he guesses the price range wrong is another hour he has to spend kissing and worshipping my beautiful, sexy feet.

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