I am so fucking happy that we are doing this! You have spent all of these years searching for the right woman, and now, here I am—your very own Foot Fetish Mistress, fulfilling your fantasies and desires. I want you to start by telling me everything. What is it about feet did you fall in love with first? Notably, how old were you? And did you know about your foot fetish immediately?

Hearing your history with the fetish is exciting, helping me to know how best to serve you during our session. Above all, finding me was meant to be. Hence, I am very open to your fetish and love the idea of all things feet. Now, back to your sharing with me. What do you enjoy most about feet? The shape, the smell, the textures, or something else? If you were young, did you have an attachment to your mother’s feet?

Tell your Foot Fetish Mistress everything.

I am guessing you are one of those boys using his mom’s stockings to masturbate. Very sexy and fun! Go on, tell me the truth. I am not judging you; it is turning me on that you are such a naughty little pervert. Is there a transference to your wife? Come on, my little pervert, tell me all! In fact, you are not leaving any details out during this first session with your Foot Fetish Mistress.




Does your wife know how much you love her feet? Or are you keeping it on the down-low with loving foot rubs from her adoring husband? Certainly, that serves both you and her—winning points with the little Mrs. and getting your foot fetish fix. Indeed, I commend you on creativity. Finally, I bet you take her dirty stockings into the bathroom after masturbating while quietly quenching your lust.

Just imagine if she knew and could give you a foot job!

We both know you aren’t able to tell her the truth. She would think you are a freak, driving space between the happy couple. Luckily, for you, I am here to do all those naughty things you are craving. With my Foot Fetish Phone Sex, we are quenching all your lust. Here, you are free to try all those fantasies, getting off with massive climaxes again and again and again.

No limits with this foot fetish mistress. The more you cum, the happier I am. The kinkier it is, the wilder our fun. Now, you should know I am still going to pick on you. I am a bitch and proud of it. While I am here for you and want you to be completely open, we need complete honesty. It is my job to help you own your freakish nature and be proud of it.

No one I play with is escaping my taunts.

Consequently, it isn’t personal; it is just part of my process for getting off. Oh, did you not think I want to climax? Don’t be a selfish dick; we are both cumming tonight. Therefore, thicken up that skin and get your panties out of a wad, I am having fun too. Certainly, I am the most important person in the room at all times. In fact, you aren’t coming to any old random person. You’re coming to the best foot fetish mistress around, and you better remember that.

You see, I am also a Bratty Domination Mistress. My strong personality is perfect to rule over men and their loser selves. Being brutally honest with all my guys is imperative for success. Some of the other ladies you will work with will coddle you, but not me. I believe for you to embrace yourself, it is essential to see how others perceive and judge you. Once you do, their opinions no longer matter.

So, what do you want to do first?

Shall I give you a foot job, or do you want to suck on my toes? I love both, and I am open to either. Perhaps, we should do it all tonight! Let’s start with my stockings on and then with them off. I see your pecker is getting hard. Good, my pussy is getting wet and tingly with excitement. Here, let me give you a little peek. Isn’t that a fine ass twat? So, pull out your dick so we can get this party started.