Hello loser, having a good day? Probably not, you are a fucking loser. Well, I am about to change all that! You see I am a Bratty Domination Mistress, working with even the worst of losers, giving them some fun. Consequently, it isn’t pity that is making me work with you, it is pleasuring myself that drives me to work with guys like you.

Guys like you are a dime a dozen and always SO fucking needy! Needy men are good for my ego, that much is true. You all “need” my attention and are head over heels in love with me. Bringing me a rush of importance and superiority that then boosts my ego. I laugh because, in reality, my ego doesn’t need any help.

Come on, have you seen how fucking awesome I am?

I am spectacular in every possible way baby! My body is incredible, I am intelligent and my personality is rocking. This bratty domination mistress is the whole package. Maybe, a part of me is feeling sorry for guys like you. It just clicked that I should be there for you guys that can’t get sexy women like me. It’s like my time spent with you during bratty phone sex could be considered as volunteer hours. It’s my gift to the needy and less fortunate. Then I started thinking, I  am going to make it fun for me too!

Using my skills at teasing men, making it almost unbearable for you. While you are craving my golden pussy, I am afraid you are not getting it without real effort. You see, loser; if I put in time with you, you will be my little bitch and servant in any way I see fit. Sounds like fun, right?! It is making my tight pussy tingle with excitement!

As a Bratty Domination Mistress, it is pretty much all about me!

Do you get some rewarding benefits? Of course, you do! Do I get more? Fuck yes I do! Hello, bratty domination mistress here. That pretty much explains how our relationship will go. To be sure we are on the same page, I am going to give you more details. Because I am in charge, you will serve me. What that entails is dependent on your limits or stops. Our relationship is a two-way street and functional for both of us. In the end, I always get what I want.


Bratty Domination Mistress


For our time together, I will limit your orgasms. You are cumming, that much is for sure. How much you are cumming is another topic. If I deem it necessary, you are wearing panties or stockings for me, understand loser? If your bratty domination mistress wants to fuck that tight little pussy of yours, you comply. Again, these depend on your limits, but I hope there are very few limits you have. If not, prepare to have your limits tested. As I said, I always get what I want.

If you are curious about me, Pantyhose Domination Stories will help you to understand me better.

For this to work, we have to be in agreement. Working with me can be pretty simple or I can make it a fucking nightmare for you when you disappoint me. You are a loser, I should be preparing for the inevitable. You letting me down time and time again. Of course, when you let me down, I find punishing you will make me feel better.

For the most part, I am into sensual domination and the punishing is enjoyable. When my bratty domination mistress comes out to play be prepared for a hell-raising. My sensual side is heightened so I can really do some tease and denial that will drive you crazy. I want your balls so full that you are about to bust. Then, just when you think you aren’t able to take anymore, I grind in the screws a little harder.

Be honest, your cock is throbbing right now, isn’t it?

Good, now, undress so I can see what we are working with. Don’t undress like a teenager, give me a show loser! That is much better, take it slow and make my pretty little pussy wet. Honesty is the best policy, right? Looks to me like you are going to start working on those dance moves for your mistress buddy! You’re not seducing anyone with that pitiful version of the robot you’re trying to pull off!

Oh, well, isn’t that an interesting dick. I am not sure what I am thinking about it just yet. Start stroking it for me and let’s see what you are made of…