He’s Got A Foot Fetish

My new lover has quite an obsession with my feet. Well all women’s feet that he’s been involved with. He has a foot fetish and I never paid much mind to my feet before he came into my life. He’s an expert at foot massages I will give him that and I am not complaining about that, either! He will literally spend hours caressing, massaging, kneading my feet. He has even given me a few pedicures. That was a little odd, but hey, I didn’t have to do it myself or go to the salon and pay for it!

He does of course like most foot fetish guys, enjoys getting foot jobs. I’d never given one until I met him. It’s a bit interesting, but I can handle it. He rewards me not only with the mind blowing foot massages. But with going down on my pussy like you wouldn’t believe. It’s funny how you can not even pay a fetish much mind and then all of a sudden be into it. I’ve been paying more attention to my shoes, foot grooming in general and want my feet to please him. I’m starting to really enjoy all the attention he’s been lavishing on them. Dating a guy with a foot fetish can have its advantages.

His Foot Massages Are Amazing!

He drove me crazy last night after the nightly foot massage. I had such delicious oral sex from him afterwards. My feet get his cock very hard and he loves to please. I surprised him by not having any panties on, so he saw that as he was kneading my tender tootsies and he started to kiss up and down my thighs .And kissed my pussy so tenderly and sweetly, sliding his tongue in and out of my juicy slit. I was literally squirming underneath his touch.


His tongue flicked across my clit and then he took my swollen clit in his mouth. He started to suck on it. I came so hard as he continued to move that tongue all over my dripping wet pussy. So I moved my feet into his crotch area and was wiggling my toes all over his cock and it was so hard and dripping pre cum. After that I smoothed it all over his dick with my feet, which were still a bit slick from all the lotion he’d put on them. I gripped my toes around his cock and pumped them up and down, getting him quite worked up.

I teased him about his loving my feet more than my pussy and he laughed and said some foot fetish guys do have that problem. But he loved my pussy just fine and with that he climbed on top of me and slid that hard cock into my wet cunt and fucked me hard. I had my legs wrapped around him all nice and tight and he was just gliding in and out of that wet pussy and making me cum all over his sweet cock as his bit and sucked at my hard nipples. He shot his load of jizz right into my cunt and we just lay there, with him still inside of me as we caught our breath. It was fucking amazing. He might have a foot fetish, but he’s a very good lover in all regards as well.

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