Sharing my beautiful feet for the foot fetish freaks of the world is the least I can do. I’ve had some men boil my sweaty socks, drinking the tea. Yes, my feet are that fucking delicious!

In fact, that is just one example of the crazy things men love doing with my feet or things that touch them. Furthermore, I am thrilled to lend my feet to help a cock get off hard.

Of course, as a wild nympho MILF, my deviant mind is always thinking of dirty things to do with your cock. However, sharing in the fun is equally enjoyable. It gets my tight pussy wet knowing they are using my socks or stockings to get off.

I hear from the sexy foot fetish freaks all over the world.

Yes indeed, they come to me from around the world just to have a taste or touch of these sexy size 6-inch feet of mine. All the attention they pour out on my appendages get’s me wet!

Not to mention, I am as big a fetish freak and pervert as them. That’s why I happily servicemen by selling my socks, stockings, and pics of my sexy tanned feet. Everyone has at least one kink or fetish and I want to indulge them all.

Perhaps that is why the foot fetish freaks flock to me. They know I understand the eroticism of sensual feet play. Taking my foot fetish freaks on an incredibly hot ride. Always getting them hard, with no judgment. Come on, who am I to judge?

In fact, I fully accept them for who they are.

It is no surprise, when I met the foot fetish freak cop, we immediately clicked. This mother fucker gave me two choices. County jail or a foot massage from him. Well, hello to the massage officer!

Let’s just say, he is one of the freakiest foot freaks and we still play together. Of course, things have gone way past foot massages since the first time he pulled me over. Now, he lets me shove my toes up his tight asshole.

He is definitely freaky and I love stroking his cock with my feet after one of his sexy foot massages. I love all he lets me do to him and his body. Although, most guys are pretty willing to let me do whatever I please.

I seem to have this control over them even those that are not foot fetish freaks.

It is the way it works when you are a badass bitch like me. I am the full fucking package. Brains, beauty, and a pervert to boot! Needless to say, I am that women men dream of encountering their whole entire life. Big burly men to little sissy bitches…if we cross paths, I’ll bring your sexual fantasies to reality.

 To be totally honest, I love you foot fetish freaks!

You have a special place in my freaky sex-filled world. We understand each other. I’m lotioning up my feet just for you baby!  Are you ready for some amazing fetish phone sex? Call me now!