I was driving home from a friends party late Wednesday night when I saw red & blues flashing behind me.

Motherfuck! I had no idea what I’d done to have this pig pull me over. He taps on my window, I roll down to see this fine as fuck cop staring at my big tits. I asked him, officer why he pulled me over. He claims my car weaved back and forth over the the center line a couple times. Really dude, that’s Bullshit! I had a couple glasses of wine about 5 hours before this, but wasn’t drunk. Feeling the heaviness in my eyes, I couldn’t make eye contact. To point out I was stoned off my ass! We smoked a few blunts, did a bunch of dabs and ate a couple strong edibles. Officer cutie pie asked me if I’d been drinking. I denied any alcohol use. Suddenly his flashlight shines in my face, startling me!  This foot fetish freak asked me if I was under the infuence of any substance.

Goddammit bitch, keep your cool…no sir, I answered, just tired from a long day of fun in the sun with friends.

He asked me if I had any drugs in my car, I’m assuming my eyes gave me away. No officer, I do not. Unfortunately, that was a lie. My purse was full of marijuana, paraphernalia and edibles. He asked me to step out of the car. That evening I had on a short red summer dress with a pair of white peek-a-boo toe stilettos. Oddly enough, the cop looked down at my feet, witnessing him lick his lips. He proceeded to tell me he was going to have to search my car. Giving me one more chance to come clean. For fear that he’d arrest me for lying and drug charged, I fessed up. Yes sir, I did smoke some weed tonight and there is a little bit in my purse. At the present time, my mind was racing and I was shitting fucking bricks.

This sexy policeman took my purse and searched it, I could hardly breathe…

Miss, it looks to me like you have more than a little bit of cannabis in your purse. My heart sunk. This is it, I’m going to jail for goddamn pot! I started to shake from anxiety and real tears poured out of my eyes. While waiting for him to cuff me, this sexy cop said “you have extremely sexy feet.” What?!!? Did I hear this right? Until now I thought I would be in the back of his car, on my way to jail. However, there is no question this foot fetish freak has a hard-on for my feet. I slipped my right heel off, exposing my sexy size 6 foot with red painted toenails. I pointed my toes in front of him, wiggling them. With attention to my foot, the gorgeous officer of the law asked me a serious question.

Do your feet hurt from wearing those heels?

My stoner mind could hardly handle the question, giggling as I answered honestly. Yes, my feet are always sore from wearing heels. Yet, I love them. Officer foot fetish freak then blew my mind. Without delay he gave me 2 choices, he’ll take me to county jail for possession of marijuana. Or, I can get in front of his squad car for a foot massage. Generally speaking this fucking foot fetish freak was obviously taking advantage of my situation. My buzz was gone and head spinning like a top. With this in mind, I told him I’d get in his car. As much as I knew this was insane, I was not going to jail. Therefore I got in the front seat of his car. He immediately grabbed my legs, pulling my feet in his lap.

Mr Foot Fetish Freak began to rub my feet.

As much as I didn’t enjoy his touch, due to the situation, I felt I had to pretend. He heard my moans while massaging every inch of my feet. Surprisingly his lips wrapped around the tops of my feet licking between each toe. Telling me how beautiful my feet are. Rubbing them over his face, sniffing the wrinkles arches. For the most part it felt good, then he whipped his dick out and ordered me to stroke him off. I grabbed the shaft of his cock with my toes, pinching up to his ridge and head. My foot fetish freaks cock was hard as a rock, turning me on.

I was getting into it, starting at the base of his cock with my heel.

Pressing around his shaft with the soft arches of my feet, as my toes gripped around his head. His deep moans were incredibly sexy. This tip of his dick was leaking, soaking the bottoms of my feet. That’s it girl, pump it he said. That I did, my legs working up and down. I held the head of his cock with my right foot while rubbing my left up his shaft when he lost it. Holding my toes over his piss hole, watching his load fill between them, squirting on my legs. Ahh, he was fucking sexy for a foot fetish freak of a cop!

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