I love a good foot rub. There’s nothing more relaxing than a foot bath and massage. My last boyfriend had a serious foot fetish. He loved to worship my feet.

I really love the pampering. He got the water just right. It was not too cold and not too hot because it was always just right. He put the bubble bath in the pan and swirl it around with his hand. He’d gently take my shoes off one at a time. Un lacing them and pulling the shoe off was ecstasy for him, he really indulged in his foot fetish. He’d take my worn-out foot and hold it up to his nose and take in a good whiff. He loved to smell my feet especially when I’ve been working all day and standing on them for hours.

I would be embarrassed at my foot smell but he LOVED it. He would sniff my feet and then lick the bottom of my soles. He worshipped my feet with his nose and tongue before he gently place them in the water. In the water, he had a field day caressing them and rubbing them, and smoothing them with oil. It was so erotic.

Foot Fetish
Foot Fetish

After my foot fetish bath would come another massage and then licking and sucking my toes. It felt so good and I noticed how turned on he got. Once he dropped his towel and saw a huge boner popping out of his underwear. This is where our erotic literature really begins.

I slid my right foot on his balls and he moaned so well. He was putty in my hands. Or putty in my feet I should say. He pulled his underwear down to feel my foot on his cock. He was so turned on and so was I.

I rubbed his cock between the arch of my feet and he laid back and enjoyed it. I tickled his balls with my toes and he moaned.  Then he said, “Scratch it with your toenails, baby. Scratch it.”

I thought that was so hot even though it’s his foot fetish. So I did what he wanted. I arch my toes and scratched his cock back and forth with my well-manicured red toenails. OMG….his cock is so hard over his foot fetish, he loves it. I kept scratching and started clawing the carpet.  I rubbed the heel of my smooth left foot on one side of his cock while I scratched the other side of his cock with my right foot.

Faster….faster….faster now……Augh!!!!! He shot a cum wad all over my pretty toes and feet. Then he rubbed the cum all over my feet and calves and started licking it off. It was so hot. This guy has FOOT FETISH FEVER.

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