Foot Fetish:  I Couldn’t Help But Give Him a Foot Job – Pt 1

Foot Fetish is a very common, and very erotic, fetish.

It is also something that really turns me on.

One of my guy friends had a huge foot fetish too.

We had messed around before and I knew about his fetish.

One night we were hanging out watching movies with some of our other friends.

He and I were on the couch lying in opposite directions.

I had a big blanket covering us and we were behind everyone else.

Since everyone else was into the movie, none of them noticed when my foot accidentally grazed his cock.

That is when I felt it twitch and decided to see how much I could get away with.

He’d always been the shy type so I didn’t think he’d let me do too much with everyone else there.

But I was to be proved very wrong.

I continued rubbing my foot up and down the length of his cock through his pants.

Once it was rock hard I looked down toward the other end of the couch to see if he was going to tell me to stop.

His head was back a little and his eyes were closed.

I kept up the rubbing for a while until I felt him shifting.

I thought for sure this was when he was going to tell me to stop.

Instead, he looked at our other friends that were really into the movie then he looked at me.

His body shifted again and I realized he was pulling down his pants.

He didn’t take them off all the way, just enough to release his cock.


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