Filthy Shoe Sniffer Gets a Dose of Foot Domination (Part 1)

Aaaaaw, another day in the life of foot domination. I wasn’t expecting to force a man to smell and worship my feet today, but life is full of sexy surprises!

Like every goddess, I love being pampered and decided to treat myself to a new pair of heels. As I walked into the store I caught the sales man looking me up and down– he was much smaller than me and had a timid demeanor. I thought of him as nothing more than a mosquito in the room, but I was feeling generous and flashed him a coy smile.

I was in search of something black and shiny that screams “fuck me.” After almost an hour of trying on shoes, I settled on a pair of peep toe, five inch stilettos that were red on the underside– matching the nail polish on my toes. Then I slipped them back into their box before realizing that one of my original shoes had gone missing..?!

I looked around the store and found that same man hunched over in the corner, inhaling deeply…

As I approach him I saw that he was holding my shoe! I grab him by the shoulder and turned him around,  “Excuse me… this does not belong to you,” I say with a sneer. Looking deep into his eyes, I could feel my panties grow wetter as I watched shame and panic take over his body. Before he could stutter an excuse, something came over me and I forced the shoe back into his face, shoving it hard while barking the simple order, “SNIFF!”

I wasn’t going to let him off easy and my lust for dishing humiliation was making me hot. His body relaxed in my hands as he inhaled, muttering “thank you, thank you, thank you…” into my shoe. I said, “I’ll teach you your place,” as I pushed him towards the open door of the stock room, throwing him inside before locking it behind us.

“On your back, worm!”

He too eagerly lied down. As I stood over him I could see his tiny dick start to rise in his pants. I took that as my cue to squash the little bug, kicking his legs wide open before pressing the ball of my naked foot into his cock. He whimpered out and I slowly added more pressure, twisting my foot back and forth as though I were stamping out a cigarette… His eyes grew large, half in terror and half pure ecstasy. I wanted to push this pathetic loser to his limits; it’s my day off and I deserve to have a little FUN….

Wanna know what happens next? Follow my blog for part two of Foot Domination later this week! In the mean time, give me a call and tell me your dirtiest foot fantasies or risky adventures in exhibitionism.


Best Phone Sex!