Looking out my window, I noticed across the street in the old man’s house that there was a Uhaul. I remembered him telling me he was willing his home to his nephew. The old geezer must’ve kicked the bucket. Though, I couldn’t help but wonder who his nephew was and what he looked like. Peeking out the window, I saw a tall man, tan skin, toned body. He was carrying a chair into the house. It looked like he was the only one handling the move-in. He has to be lonely; there is only one way to cheer up someone in these moments, some food play fun!

Luckily for me, I had already made a fresh batch of brownies after getting off my hot phone sex shift. Maybe I should go take him some and welcome him to the neighborhood. In fact, maybe we could make it a fun game, cheer him up a little. So then, I grab the dish of fresh brownies and gather up random toppings and ingredients in my little basket. Going out the door, I lock it behind me and hurry across the street. He comes out of his house to grab more items, sweat beading at his brow.

The look on his face when he saw me was priceless!

The first moment his gaze fell upon me in my little white sundress and heels, his mouth dropped, and he gawked hard. Honestly, it made me giggle. Then, I walked up to him and extended my hand, “Hi there, I’m Mia. I see you just moved in”. He caught himself after a minute and shook my hand. He introduced himself as Tyler, and we chit-chatted a bit. I offered to help him get in the rest of his furnishings. He almost tried to turn me down on it, but I started anyway. Once we were done and exhausted from it, we went inside. The brownies had been put on his coffee table for some food play fun.

Before I knew it, he came back from the kitchen with some beers and a couple of glasses of ice water. “Hungry?” I asked, pulling out a brownie and handing it to him. He chuckled and took it. We decided that we would try to see who could make the most delicious brownie. We put different toppings on a bunch and held one of his to me. Before I could react, he pushed it right into my mouth, causing my cheeks to puff up and look silly. In my embarrassment, I grabbed my messiest brownie and smacked him across the face.

We died laughing because of the food play fun!

My eyes closed as I let out a laugh at the food on his face. Suddenly, he hopped on me and pinned me down on his couch. He wiped the brownie off his face and shoved it in my cleavage, the hot gooey chocolate setting between my breasts. I gasped in reaction and tried to push back but just got even messier. He smiled at me before leaning down and kissing my lips. The taste of chocolate on his tongue was so inviting. In our passion, our clothes basically flew off, and the brownie smeared on my chest was obvious. He noticed my blush and told me he’d get me cleaned up.

This hot food play scene had my pussy throbbing. He didn’t even give me the chance to react before he grabbed my glass of ice water and dumped it on my chest. The shock overwhelming me as I felt him slide the ice over my skin, nipples, and lips. My eyes closed, and I hear the whipped cream, causing me to look down and see his cock standing at attention. Eagerly, I sat up and licked it off his cock, sucking on him. We moved, so I was under him while he fucked my face. Then, he put some cream on my pussy, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup. “I think I win; I’ve made the tastiest treat of all,” He proclaimed before licking up my cunt, and us cumming together in each other’s mouths with our passionate hot sex.

Mia Kinky Crew