So if you missed the Flirty Feet (Part 1) click here.

 We were sitting across from each, backs against the sides of the sofa. I lifted my feet up and began working at his zipper. I caught it between two toes and pulled it down. I slid my toes into the opening and rubbed him before hooking my toes into the top of his boxers. I pulled them down and his rock hard dick bobbed in front of me. A drop of pre cum was on the tip and I had to fight the urge to wrap my lips around him. I settled for wiping it off with my toe. I then ran my toe along the head slowly but increasing pressure as I went around. I rubbed the side of my big toe over his slit, making him gasp. I cupped my feet around his dick and could feel him throbbing. I moved my feet up and down, changing the pressure now and again so he didn’t get a chance to get used to it. I saw him tense up and knew he was close to cumming. I moved faster as my feet gripped his dick and slid up and down it. His dick jerked and drops of cum splattered on my feet. I kept going until every drop was out of him. I let him go and he leaned back, trying to catch his breath.

     I wonder what other kinks he’s hiding, hopefully he tells me before our next date.

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