I have this one guy, Daniel that I play with now and again. He’s married but his wife isn’t as fun as I am. On our last date he confessed a kink to me, he has a foot fetish. I was so intrigued by this I decided to make his fantasy a reality.

     He came over to my place and I led him to the sofa. He went to sit down but I stopped him and told him to kneel on the ground. He did as he was told and I sat on the sofa in front of him. I told him to take off my heels and massage my feet. He slid them off and held my foot in his hand. He ran his fingers over it before putting his hands around it. He kneaded it slowly but firmly. His thumbs pressed against my heel and my toes curled. He put my foot down on the ground and picked up my other foot. He massaged it as thoroughly as he had the first one. I noticed his breathing had changed and saw him shifting around more. He must have been dying to touch himself. Too bad his hands were busy.

     I lifted my foot out of his hands and slid it over his lips. My big toe pulled down his bottom lip and I could feel his breath on me. His eyes never left my foot as his tongue darted out and licked my toe. I wiggled it against him then pulled my foot away. I lowered it down into his lap, ran my toes against him and felt a bulge. I moved my foot back and forth, rubbing him through his pants. He pushed up and I increased the pressure. He moaned and bit his lip. It was time to put him out of his misery so I told him to get on the sofa.

Curious about what happened next, call me and ask.

Sinful Vixen


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