My first time teen sex was hot as fuck…yet he didn’t pop my juicy fucking cherry.

I was born and raised on a carnival. From the time I can remember horny men hit on me. And holy hell did it pissed off my insanely protective family. Me, being a very pretty, flirty girl, I would get men in trouble with my sexual energy, haha. A vivid memory as a young chick, seeing a worker beat up and bloody. I asked him what happened, he wouldn’t even look at me. Another worker told me my family beat his ass for looking at me. WOW, I was fucking shocked and curious as to exactly who did this to him. Found out my older cousins were the ones who beat him up, per my Grandfather. Fuck, they’re always banging bitches without any consequence. Notably, this information had me livid! Fucking up my first time teen sex experience with a man who wasn’t family. Watch me motherfuckers…

A Rebel at Heart!

I took my families controlling bullshit as a challenge. Nobody was going to stop my first time teen sex! I’d already seen the majority of my family fucking. Even fucked some of my family members. My young mind didn’t understand why it was alright to fuck Uncle Leroy, but I couldn’t fuck a ride guy?! Then I met Jeff,  a 21-year-old man with the body of a God. Unfortunately. Jeff knew what was up with my family, and like me, he didn’t give a shit. All things considered, we still met when the show closed for the evening. Hidden away from spying eyes. Could have been in the back of a semi or underneath the stadium. We’d kiss for hours while talking about nothing. While we were kissing, I’d rub the crotch of his pants. Clawing my nails down his hard shaft, feeling him rock hard and throbbing.

I was ready for my first time teen sex…but was my pussy?

Jeff ran a carnival game on our show, so I’d hang out and flirt with him during my breaks. We knew damn well my family saw us, but again, we didn’t give a fuck. I know I was giving him blue balls every night we were together. I felt bad and wanted to fuck him desperately. One night we were hiding out as usual, making out and petting heavy. When I told him I wanted his cock. He told me to meet him at his tent, haha. high standards. I snuck over to his tent like a stealthy bitch. But under those circumstances, it made the adventure even hotter! Finally, there I was, naked on my back, laying under his tent. Kissing, touching, ahhh. I remember when he slid his large fingers into my tight pussy.

I was dripping wet, he sighed in my ear, asking “are you ready for this big dick?”

First time teen sex, here I cum! While in Jeff’s tent we were free in a sense and my pussy wanted him bad. I was juicy and hot, begging him for it. I was totally elated when it came time for me and my carnie boy to fuck! He slid his thick 9″ cock through my slit, down to the mouth of my wet hole. I felt him trying to push in, he kept saying, “girl, you’re so fucking tight, I’m going to hurt you”. I replied pissed the fuck off, “NO Jeff, just slam it in!  Alas, my smucker was too tiny for his massive cock. He tried, but was a scared little bitch! His next words will never leave my mind, “I’m scared if I fuck you, they’ll kill me!”

This was supposed to be my first time teen sex with a man not family, now he’s bailing on me.

But no, my fucking crazy ass carnie family were now my cock blockers. Fuck that! I had my legs wrapped around Jeff’s waist. I slammed the mouth of my pussy down on his big, thick head. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but to cry out in pain! Surprisingly he pulled out, shitting bricks because he had blood on the tip of his cock. He apologized over and over, even though I did it. I tried to assure him I would never tell a soul about us. He asked if I was ok…other than a sore pussy and bruised ego, yeah. To say the least, I was craving dick even more than before.

Then along came Mike…you’ll read about our hot, successful fuck next week.


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