I Was Remembering My Son’s Own First Time Sex Story the Other Day…The Day I Took His Virginity

I had walked in on my son while he was masturbating under his covers. He was taken completely by surprise and immediately stopped pulling on his little cock. I just smiled at him, walked up to the bed and simply said, “No need to stop.” He was very shy and coy about what he was doing – it was sweet. As I pulled the blanket back, I saw his throbbing boner standing straight upright. I thought to myself that this could very well be my son’s first time sex story.

I asked him, “Did you hear Mom masturbating and it made you want to rub your cock?”

He responded in a weak voice, “Uhmm… yeah Mom… is that bad?”

I told him no, of course not, and leaned forward and kissed his lips. Sliding my hand over his, then placed his hand in between my thighs. I wanted him to feel the heat between my legs for himself.  At the same time, I took my hand and started stroking his thick cock.

It was such a turn-on, knowing I was going to be part of his first time sex story

As I stuck my tongue down his throat I could feel him increase his breathing and his penis was throbbing so intensely. I lean over to his ear and told him that Mother was going to teach him all about a woman’s body and how to please a woman right.

I asked him, “You want to please Mommy don’t you?”

He replied, “Yes Mom, I will do whatever you say to make you happy.”

And that is how it happened… the birth of my son’s first time sex story and how my son lost his virginity to me.


Is it any wonder why I love taboo phone sex so much?? Any fantasy that involves my son, especially ones that are a first time sex story is such deliciously naughty fun!  Why don’t you give me a call and find out for yourself exactly how much fun mommy phone sex can truly be!!

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke