If she found out I was telling you our first-time sex story, she would probably kill me!

This first-time sex story is so good though, I can’t possibly keep it a secret anymore.  High school was a wild ride, full of embarrassing new experiences while trying to figure out just how bodies work and how to make them feel good.  Now, I was not naive, but I did have a reputation for being a bit of a cock tease.  Sure I lost my virginity, but I loved getting high school boys cocks rock solid and then batting my eyelashes and going back to my studies.

Tiffany was a lot like me in that way, and we loved to help each other.  We would make out in front of groups of boys and make it really juicy, sucking on each other’s lips and swirling out tongues around for a good show.  For whatever reason, we had never tried it in private, but I felt my cunt start to drip anytime this happened, and I was determined.  All good things happen at naughty high school sleepovers, as is with most high school sex stories….

It was pretty normal, laughing about all the guys we were teasing and drinking wine we stole from her mom.  She said she had also found something else and laughed as she pulled out a “personal massager.”

“Okay, you bitch you know damn well that is a vibrator!”  I teased, reaching to pull it from her.

“I’m not stupid but it does feel pretty good when I put it on my lower back!”  Tiffany went to show me an example of whatever way she had been using it.  I just couldn’t help myself.

I lunged forward and pressed my mouth against hers, pushing her lips open with my teeth and exploring her mouth with my tongue.  Then I placed one hand on her perfect tits and started pinching and pulling them with my thumb and forefinger, feeling them get hard in my hands.  One hand moved down to her panties and started to stroke her clit from outside and felt her precious pussy start to make a wet spot, so I dipped my fingers in.

She had no complaints, just moans.  But you know it didn’t stop there!  I know you’ll tune in for part 2 this week when we use the “personal massager” as our own little fuck toy, or you can call and get the full experience.  I know teen phone sex because I’ve lived teen sex, and I’m here to fulfill all of your lesbian phone sex needs.  All I need is you.