This first time sex story was initiated by me.

Due to my level of curiosity, it is shocking to me that this first time sex story did not take place at an even earlier date. I was over at a dinner party thrown by some friends of my parents. My little sister and I were playing hide and seek with the other two kids there. Alex and his little brother were only two years older than both my sister and I. We decided to play a round of hide and seek with the older kids against the younger kids.

Our siblings were far younger than us, so the game ended rather quickly. Alex and I hid in the closet, and our siblings gave up after about three minutes. We giggled about how stupid we thought they were. Then I started telling him about what I had learned recently. That boys and girls had different parts, and those parts fit together! The man’s parts went inside the girl’s! This information was new to him.

I decided to teach him, and we started with kissing. We sat in the closet for quite some time kissing. Then we showed each other our downstairs! I touched his and felt it’s shape. He slid his hands between my legs and pressed a finger inside my hole. I could feel him moving his finger inside of me, feeling the walls. I heard a wet sound down there, and it shocked me! Heat prickled up my face.

It tingled between my legs.

I wanted to take off all of our clothes and rub my body on his, feel the friction of my skin on his. We heard our parents searching for us and immediately stopped. I don’t know why he thought it was a good idea to tell his parents about his new discoveries, but he did. Then they told my parents, and then we left quite briefly after. I got a long lecture on the car ride home about how I am never again to lure boys away from supervision.

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